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3 More Signs That You Need Help With Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Posted in Adaptive Marketing by Ross Wheeler

We've already written two blogs on signs that you might need professional help with your PPC efforts, but there are still more points that we need to cover. Pay-per-click marketing can be an extremely difficult aspect of your overall advertising efforts, so you needn't be nervous or even hesitant when it comes to asking for help.

The sooner you get a team of industry professionals on your side, the sooner your business can start to reap the benefits of paid search advertising as an extremely useful tool to attracting more customers to your online presence and increasing awareness around your brand.

3 More Signs That You Need PPC Help!

  1. You're Afraid To Take Risks – The very best PPC marketers are analytical individuals, with a creative flair and a hands-on approach. They are also unafraid to try new things and take risks. In fact, being an early adopter of what may one day become recommended practices or industry-standards can have some serious advantages. If you're one of the first to jump on to a new AdWords feature, you can reap all the benefits of a higher click-through-rate before your competitors can catch on.

    All too often, advertisers who spread their interests across a range of digital marketing mediums are forced to neglect them, and can often miss out on the release of new features. They often don't have the time to experiment with new things, or they are too worried that any experimentation will be difficult to explain to business leaders and owners.

    One of the most effective ways to understand the latest options available to you is to keep yourself informed. Whether it's through a site like Moz, Twitter's #ppcchat or by following a blog like ours, taking the time to understand the latest innovations in the paid search world can really help you to evolve your marketing strategies as required.
    If you're unwilling, or you simply don't have the time, to experiment, keep up-to-date or take risks then, yes, you certainly need help with your PPC efforts.

  2. You're Forced To Rely On Google's Suggestions To Optimise – Whilst we, and most PPC experts that we know, are huge fans of Google's AdWords, it does have its limitations. Even as the search giant continue to add more tools and features at all times, relying on the platform for optimisation tips can be hugely damaging to your overall account.

    Google's typical solution is to up your bids on keywords or increase your overall budget – at times, this is essential, but there are other useful things that you can do to improve your results. Often adding more money into the mix is just like adding fuel to a fire, with the same effect!

    For effective keyword optimisation, you need to ensure that you have up-to-date knowledge of the market you are targeting, an understanding of the PPC world and the ability to think like your customers, that you might be able to more effectively guess which the most profitable keyword is likely to be in the near future, not just what is the most rewarding option at the moment.

  3. You Don't See The Value In Paid Search! – There have been dozens of arguments and complaints that we've heard over the years, from “AdWords is too expensive" or “too competitive" to “why should we pay money for advertising when SEO is free and organic?" – The 'professionals' and business leaders that we've heard make these statements simply don't understand just how effective paid search can be, particularly when used alongside other digital advertising strategies, like SEO and CRO.

    There are no good reasons not to make the most of Google AdWords and PPC marketing as an effective tool to increase your business' profitability and encourage brand awareness amongst a relevant customer base.

It's Time To Ask Yourself – “Do I Need Help With My PPC?"

As one of the UK's leading providers of pay-per-click marketing, here at Promote we are extremely proud to offer our services to a variety of businesses, of all sizes and from all industries. With our dedicated digital marketing teams at your side, you will be able to enjoy the real benefits of an effectively managed paid-search advertising campaign.

For more information, or if you have any questions about what the best PPC agency in Wigan can do for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 0118 380 1002. Alternatively you can email us directly at, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!