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Google Shopping Campaigns PLAs

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Online shopping campaigns allow you to advertise specific products in the form of product listing ads, otherwise known as PLAs. Google shopping campaigns in particular are an extremely powerful way to display your products across Google's search network and drive increased amounts of high-quality and highly-converting traffic to your site. Product listing advertisements can include a product image, a title, the price, limited promotional ad copy and your business' name.

The Incredible Benefits Of A Google Shopping Campaign

When you choose to make the most of an online retail campaign, there are dozens of ways that it can help your business and provide long-lasting benefits to your company as a whole.

•Dramatically Increased Traffic And Sales – When a business chooses to undertake a Google shopping campaign, they typically enjoy the benefits of increased visibility. When a business chooses to engage Promote's services in the creation and management of their campaign, they can enjoy significantly higher click-through-rates (CTRs) on their product listing ads.

This is particularly true when compared to text-based ads that appear in the same search engine results page (SERP). Conversion rates are also typically higher due to the visual and product-specific nature of your advertisement.

Better Quality Of Traffic – With our Google shopping campaigns, you can increase the quality of your traffic by featuring product-specific calls to action (CTAs) in your advertisement's copy. This has also been proven to increase the likelihood of shoppers making a purchase on your website after clicking on your advert.

Increased Exposure – Your PLAs can appear on a search engine results page alongside a text advertisement for the same site. It is possible to show as many as five PLAs for one site at the same time, which can be a fantastic way to increase your brand's exposure.

This is also, interestingly, the only format in which more than one advert can appear on Google for the same website.

Your Google Shopping Campaign Can Start With A Great Product Feed!

To enjoy the complete advantages of a truly great Google shopping campaign, you need to make the most of your product feed. With the level of investment that businesses are increasingly placing in shopping campaigns, it is more important than ever to have a feed optimisation solution in place. In fact, these shopping campaigns are starting to surpass the amount of investment placed in standard search solutions.

Here at Promote, we are extremely proud of the digital marketing services that we offer, and ensuring that your business can enjoy the full advantages of a search engine shopping campaign is important to us.

Our experienced team of online retail specialists, marketers, copywriters and PPC advertisers gives us the ability to dynamically optimise specific elements of your product feed to meet the very best practices, as advised by Google.

We can boost the performance of your shopping campaigns, which not only increases the potential for your products to rank higher and reduce the average cost-per-click, but also offers your business long-lasting and widespread benefits.

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“I got in touch with Promote because I was starting to feel like a ‘busy fool’! I was pouring more and more money into my Google AdWords campaign and not seeing any returns. Promote.Agency helped me to tighten up my campaign, and I am now seeing real results for my AdWords spending at last! Thanks Promote!”

- Linda Dixon, Spark Activities -