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Online advertising is essential for a business' success in the modern world, and few forms of digital marketing are more effective than display marketing. As one of the most powerful ways to grab your audience's attention, make your brand stand out and make your brand messages resonate, display advertising is a massively important component of your overall online marketing.


The wide range of targeting options and advert formats which are currently available will allow you to create compelling campaigns which build awareness and boost customer engagement. They have also been proven to help your business to collect leads and drive revenue.

What Is Display Advertising, And Why Is It Useful?

Display is a particular form of PPC advertisement, where your adverts appear on third-party websites. Your marketing content appears alongside that website's content that is relevant to your product or service, or which might be of interest to your target audience. This type of advertising can take the form of banners, text, images and even video.

One of the major advantages of display advertising is that the potential audience reach is huge. The wide range of targeting methods available encourages the development of a much more specifically focused campaign, in which your adverts appear in a very specific position and only to a highly relevant audience.

This form of PPC advertising is extremely useful and has a huge range of features which give it an incredible advantage over other forms of online marketing.

Contextual – Your marketing content will only target content which features specific keywords. This means that you can truly align your advertising efforts with the natural searches and interests of your viewer.

Placement - By targeting only specific websites, or even specific pages on those websites, you can target your products and services to extremely specified consumers. By only aiming your marketing towards pre-interested viewers, you can greatly increase the likelihood of their conversion.

Relevant Market Audience – By targeting users based on their recent search and online browsing activities, you can enjoy a greatly increased viewer-relevance for your advertising efforts.

Topics And Specific Demographics – If you're looking to target your advertising towards a specific demographic, or a group of people interested in a certain topic, you can do so using the information that Google, or another search engine, has gathered from its users.

Mobile Applications – With mobile apps growing more popular every day, making the most of those applications which do allow targeted advertisements can be a great way to keep your products or services in the minds of your potential customers.

Remarketing Strategies – Remarketing is one of the most powerful strategies in use today by experienced digital marketers. By targeting your advertisements at those users whom have already interacted with your online presence, you can actively encourage them to return.

Social Networks – Advertising with social media is a must in modern display marketing. With millions of unique users interacting with their favourite social media platforms every day, you cannot afford to miss out on a potential audience or the opportunities to build a loyal community around your brand's identity.

It is also important to remember that, with display advertising; you can target your users at different stages of the buying cycle, and place them at the start or drop them in the middle of your conversion strategies.

What Is The Strategy For Display Advertising?

Firstly, here at Promote, we work with you to define your ideal objectives and what you hope to get out of the process. Once we have agreed on realistic results, we work with you to devise a strategy that continues to promote the ethos of your brand identity, whilst delivering on agreed upon KPIs.

Our experienced PPC team of Google and Bing certified professional will then begin to work on bringing your campaign to life. At Promote, we use only the very best strategies and ethical techniques, along with all the innovative designs that we have created over the past few years, to build a specialised display marketing campaign that you can be proud of.

Want to get started? Call us on 0118 380 1002 and one of our experts will be happy to help.

“...we have continued to see improved results with a high number of ranking keywords and web pages. The result of all this work has seen us increase the number of visitors to our website and, more importantly, we are now seeing steady and regular leads being generated. The Recall UK website is now one of the top performing sites in our Global organisation and we are now seen as an example of best practice by our European counterparts.”

- Mark Rogan, Marketing Manager UK, Recall Ltd -