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If you're looking to get the word out about your brand's amazing services, any special offers or promotions, or up-to-date company news, you need email marketing. With a carefully managed eMarketing campaign from Promote, you'll be seeing a fast ROI with some other incredible benefits.

What Email Marketing From Promote Can Do For You

Any business can greatly benefit from our team of expert email marketer's years of experience. We've put together many successful campaigns for satisfied clients operating across a range of industries.

But what does this mean in practice? A Promote email marketing campaign offers some huge advantages for businesses, such as:

• Cost Effectiveness – Marketing your business via email is one of the most cost effective methods of online promotion. You can get your message out to your customers immediately and affordably.

• Inside Knowledge And Feedback – Through the use of careful tracking and analytics, you'll be afforded total knowledge of your campaign. This enables you to see what is and isn't working and what can be tweaked to maximise effectiveness.

• Increased Sales – All ecommerce retailers are looking to boost revenue. With eMarketing, you can improve sales from your existing customer base plus enjoy repeated business through promotions and offers. You'll also be given lots of opportunities for up and cross-selling too!

• A Wide Audience – As technology has been improved, email marketing offers an effective way of reaching a large section of your audience since most customers will also have an email address.

Want A Successful Emarketing Campaign? Call Promote

If you're simply firing out what's known as “fire and forget" emails, i.e. sending out a newsletter and simply forgetting about it, then you're missing out on a so much crucial data you may as well be throwing a dart into the wind. You have no idea where it's going to land let alone if it's even going to hit the target.

Successful email campaigns start with a visually exciting newsletter design, compelling offer or call to action and intelligent tracking. Promote provides exactly this to ensure you get maximum return on what is a very low-cost investment.

We'll track who actually received your email, who didn't and why they didn't, who opened it, who clicked on the links within at what time and how often, and what in particular they clicked on. This way, you'll be more clued up on your customer's interests, desires and needs, enabling you to target them with more relevant information. This will lead to an increase in responses, conversions and ultimately more business!

Sound interested? Get in touch with one of our team today by calling 0118 380 1002 and get ready to enjoy the benefits a professionally polished email marketing campaign can bring.

“Having tried several SEO companies in the past and been disappointed, it was refreshing to discover Promote, who actually know how to effectively deliver results. My villa website now ranks on page one of Google for 4 of my 5 phrases, and I have been receiving bookings without having to do any other marketing whatsoever!”

- Robert, Villa Anna -