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Online Reputation Management

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Getting your brand known online is one thing but furnishing a great reputation and keeping it is another matter. After all, it can take a lifetime to build a brand but only a few minutes to ruin it. Don't get caught out with Promote's online reputation management services.

What Is Online Reputation Management And Why Do You Need It?

Online reputation management can be hugely beneficial for all ecommerce businesses. We can help promote positive comments about your brand as well as assist the movement of negative comments on search engines, such as Google, which directly relate to your company.

One of the critical points of the internet is that it's open to everyone. Anyone anywhere has the platform to leave their thoughts and opinions on businesses and brands through any number of channels. As such, online companies can be open to negative criticism, as well as positive, at any time.

Using search engines is quickly becoming one of the most common, easiest ways for consumers to research companies, products and services. Negative reviews can be useful, but if your site is overwhelmed with them, your brand's reputation can suffer. This can lead to a decrease in enquires and sales. Avoid this with online reputation management!

How Is It Done?

We're experts in everything to do with online marketing at Promote. As such, we've got an in-depth understanding of how careful reputation management can be greatly benefit ecommerce businesses, both b2b and b2c.

Each company is different. As such, we'll discuss your brand in detail and work with you to create a strategy that will benefit your individual objectives and circumstances. From here, we can begin to build in a positive fashion.

We'll Offer aspects such as:

Responding to comments and content posted online.

Monitor social media carefully to respond to brand or specific keyword mentions.

Requesting the removal of content that could be libellous or defamatory.

Online public relations

Leveraging social media channels to promote positive interactions.

Actively promote your brand through tried and tested means.

These methods can easily be used individually or in the proper combination to achieve the right results.

Get In Touch Today To Protect Your Brand Online

If you're interested in learning more about our online reputation management services, please don't hesitate to get in touch! The internet can be a harsh place for the unprepared. Avoid this with our solutions designed to help your organisation online. Contact us here today to get started.

“I got in touch with Promote because I was starting to feel like a ‘busy fool’! I was pouring more and more money into my Google AdWords campaign and not seeing any returns. Promote.Agency helped me to tighten up my campaign, and I am now seeing real results for my AdWords spending at last! Thanks Promote!”

- Linda Dixon, Spark Activities -