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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

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There are many aspects of online marketing that often get overlooked, but one absolutely crucial practice that's hugely beneficial to businesses is search engine optimisation (SEO). Without optimising your website for search engines, you'll be missing out on more customers, more conversions and, perhaps most importantly, more money.


How Can Search Optimisation Aid Your Business?

We all know how crowded the internet can be. With many millions of websites and online businesses jostling for position on search engine results pages (SERPs), a company that isn't optimising their site is unable to compete. Getting to the front page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines is essential; but it isn't just about being on the first page!

Almost half of all clicks on Google are received by links in position one. When compared with position two, which receives roughly a third of these clicks, you can see the absolute importance for any ecommerce website to be at the top of their game when it comes to SEO. Without making your business visible online, the vast majority of customers will be unaware that your brand exists and, consequently, you'll be lagging behind your competitors and missing out on important revenue streams.

How Does SEO Work?

Optimising web pages for search engines has existed since keyword based algorithms began powering online search forms. SEO has changed over the years, with advances in technology and various algorithmic changes, but strong keyword research and analysis is still the foundation of any successful digital marketing campaign.

By targeting the right keywords, fostering strong back links, creating quality content - including on-page content, blogs and articles - we can work with you to build a strategy that will lead to fantastic online success.

Other factors that play a big part in SEO include making adjustments to your site's code, the site architecture, page speed and your overall website authority online. At Promote, we follow ethical white hat techniques to make sure your website is authoritative and ranks highly on SERPs.

Effective SEO Campaigns From Promote

In order to ensure our clients receive the very best in web optimisation, we offer a number of different SEO services. From our dedicated account managers, who will steer your campaign every step of the way, to our specialist informative, engaging, search engine friendly content, you can be assured that all the best industry practices are met and exceeded.

All aspects of your site will be scrutinised to see what we can improve to ensure it is indexed and ranks highly on SERPs. This includes the coding and speed of your site, its compliance and transparency to search engines, and on page copy and content, all of which are examined and optimised for relevancy and authority.

Your social media presence, linking strategy, and online reputation of your company will also be reviewed and analysed. Search engines take notice of websites that display authority, have quality back links and create unique, relevant content. We'll make sure your website features these and all other requirements to drive you towards greater online success.

Want to get started? Why not take a look at our Top 10 SEO tips.

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“We previously worked with a PPC management company, but we had little success and so we needed to be cautious when trying to find another one. However, after speaking to Promote’s team of specialists, we were instantly reassured and confident that they could improve our ROI and help to increase conversions. Since Promote.Agency has set up the campaign, we have seen a dramatic rise in both traffic and sales. Equally, they have more than doubled our CTR compared to our previous campaigns. Promote were extremely informative and professional – they certainly know what they are talking about when it comes to Pay Per Click.”

- N. Lane, Director, Tucana Investment Property -