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Top 10 SEO Tips

When it comes to climbing the major search engines there is not one answer to ensure that you get onto that illusive page 1 position. Search engine optimisation takes a lot of time and resources to implement all of the techniques needed to give your site the best possible chance. An SEO agency will of course be able to offer this time and resource at a price but there are many different techniques you can use to optimise your site.

1. Choose a good domain name

Finding a domain name that includes one of your keywords will always help the site appear well for that keyword. Google will instantly recognise what the site wants to be ranked for and the topic or service you wish to promote.

2. Design the site with SEO in mind

Very often designers will be left to their own devices and SEO will not even be factored in. Making sure there is space for content on each page is key, especially on the homepage.

3. Sort out your site structure

Topics and themes of the site are very important as the department pages will hold much more authority than the other lower pages on the site. The name of the pages are also extremely important in order to make each part focused and relevant to a specific area.

4. Define your keywords

It is best to focus on 10 main keywords that you want to rank for. This will give you much more of an idea what you need to write about in your content and using phrases that users will type use to find your site.

5. Find out what your competitors are doing

Look at what your competitors are doing on their site so you can replicate these optimisation changes on your site and eventually surpass their great rankings.

6. Use Google's tools

Google offer a variety of free tools, such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, to provide you with data that you can use to help your rankings. Finding out what people are searching for to get to your site will help you find keywords that need to be pushed more to increase traffic.

7. Make it easy for Google

The easier you can make Google's job the better and if they're happy then they will reward your site with some good rankings. By putting an XML Sitemap and a RSS Feed on the site will help Google find every page on the site, whether it's brand new or years old.

8. Content is king

Writing good quality, keyword rich content for the site will show Google what your site is all about and what you want to be ranked for.

9. Internal links to your main pages

Putting links within your content to the main pages on the site will give more authority to the pages you want to rank for and will keep Google crawling on your site for longer. Making sure the links are on the right keyword rich anchor text and that there are only around 3 links within the content is vital.

10. Make the meta data and title tags relevant to each page

The title tag is the most authoritative text on the page and should contain the keywords that are relevant from the content on that page. The meta description also helps back up these keywords and will give the page a much stronger chance of moving up the search engine rankings.

All of these tips will give your site a fantastic jump start to climbing the search engines but there are many different SEO aspects that need to be considered to ensure a top ranking position. With a wide variety of different clients on their books, SEO Junkies have generated some sensational results through a variety of different on page and off page optimisation techniques. Find out more about their results and techniques by contacting the SEO Junkies optimisation team.

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