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Inbound Marketing

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One of the most effective forms of modern marketing, and perhaps the most similar to traditional advertising, inbound marketing works to magnetise your brand identity as a means of attracting and converting customers. Encouraging your customers to approach you is, perhaps, the most well-known form of advertising and, before the internet offered a range of alternative strategies, it was the first step for businesses that were looking for customers.

Of course, inbound solutions remain some of the most effective and essential components of an integrated marketing solution. It cannot be overlooked in favour of more modernised marketing efforts, but must instead work alongside them to attract and convert customers.

What Does An Inbound Solution Involve?

Through the creation and release of external marketing content, such as whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, social media and podcasts, you can work to improve your authority as a business and attract a wider range of customers to your online presence. Search engine optimisation (SEO) works in a similar way and could, in fact, be labelled as another component of an inbound strategy.

The main aim of this process is, essentially, to attract a wider audience, increase awareness with regards to your business and brand, convert leads and, eventually, improve your return on investment (ROI).

What Can Inbound Marketing Do For Your Business?

As the modern consumer has grown more aware of traditional advertising, audiences are beginning to 'turn off' the moment that they realise they're being advertised to. Traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective as they once were when it comes to capturing and retaining customer interest. Modern marketers need to understand that their strategies need to evolve and adapt to appeal to new customers.

For the modern audience, strategies which create long-lasting connections through the inclusion of informative and personalised materials are essential to build a brand following.

Inbound strategies are, perhaps, best thought of as the logical successor to traditional marketing efforts. By that, we mean that it offers many of the same advantages as older advertising strategies do, such as increased brand awareness and the creating of positive association when it comes to your business. These efforts will also work to generate a greater amount of leads, enable you to become an authority in your industry, and work to build trust between your brand and your target markets.

Unlike traditional marketing, however, this modern alternative does not annoy audiences through interruption or intrusion, and is more likely to result in a positive perception of your branding.

The Marketing Process

Here at Promote, we work with you to create a creative, content-driven marketing strategy which will work to attract the right kind of visitor to your site, encourage their interaction with your brand, and promote your business' reputation as a relevant authority.

Once your content has been created and your efforts have begun to attract customers, your campaign will then work to develop your leads. Typically, this is achieved by the inclusion of more in-depth marketing efforts, which will turn your potential customer into a sales-qualified lead.

Next, your campaign will work to convert arriving web traffic. At this stage, your potential customer will be engaged and positive with regards to your brand, increasing the likelihood of them making a purchase. If there's no active marketing strategy in place to keep potential customers engaged on a page, bounce rates rise and paying customers dwindle.

Inbound campaigns are a continuous process, and they need to be maintained in order to obtain the best results. Continuing to engage with both old and new customers will create more loyalty towards your brand, while also increasing the likelihood of another sale!

Integrated Inbound Campaigns From Promote

As one of the UK's leading inbound advertising agencies, our team of experienced specialists provide a wide range of online advertising services. Through our marketing efforts, we work to increase awareness with regards to your brand, driving high-quality and relevant leads to your website and creating engaging content to increase your conversion rates.

For more information about the benefits of an inbound advertising solution, which has been integrated as part of a much wider marketing effort, get in touch with our dedicated team of industry specialists today! Call us on 0845 050 2500 for an informal discussion about your requirements, or email us directly at hi@promote.agency.

“We’ve worked with Promote for over 2 years now and are so happy with their work that we have recently asked them to provide SEO for one of our sister companies. They have always provided us with great results and are always available with useful tips and advice.”

- David, Compilation Ltd -

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