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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Training

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Thursday, February 29 2024
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When it comes to selling online, whether direct to businesses or to consumers, making sure your customers convert is king. If you're looking for a great way to boost your sales, revenue, and profits, then why not enroll on a Promote conversion rate optimisation training course today?

Why Do You Need Conversion Rate Optimisation Training?

You could have thousands of unique visitors being attracted to your website every day, but what happens if your sales figures don't reflect this? If your site has lots of inbound traffic, but isn't turning that into sales, then you need conversion rate optimisation.

CRO will help you to make vital improvements to your website in order to fulfil your goals. The main purpose of conversion optimisation for ecommerce and lead generation websites is to increase profits. With CRO training from Promote, you can learn the skills needed to boost the amount of visitors converting into those all important sales.

With the proper training, you can achieve through CRO some fantastic benefits for your brand's website, including:

• Increased traffic to your site
• An increase your conversion rate
• Increased average order value

We know the importance of a great conversion rate for online retailing at Promote; and you should too! Book your place on one of our courses today to give your business that extra boost.

What Will We Teach You?

We don't want to blindside you with technical jargon or use language that can leave you feeling more confused than when you walked in. Online marketing can be complex and CRO is no different. As such, all Promote courses, including conversion rate optimisation training, are conducted in a consultative manner using plain, simple language.

Our course leaders are all experts in CRO and will show you key ways your site can be improved and provide you with specialist 'take-away-tips' for you to implement. Because of our consultative approach, we only ever book 5 delegates onto anyone course. This way, you can get real, tailored knowledge and discuss topics that are relevant to your website and business.

The course covers all fundamentals you or a team member will require, including aspects such as:

• An introduction to CRO
• How to calculate your Conversion Rate
• What is a good Conversion Rate?
• Goal definition and fulfilment – Ecommerce and Brochure
• The 'Magic Formula'
• CRO strategies and processes
• Landing page optimisation
• A/B split testing
• Google Analytics – What metrics to measure
• Q&A

Our courses are ideal for both management and technical staff and are a fantastic way for your businesses to get ahead of the competition plus enjoy amazing ecommerce success.

Book Your Spot Today

Interested in our conversion rate optimization training days? Then please don't hesitate to get in touch! We'd love to help you make the most of your site and get you the sales & profits you deserve.

Contact us today to book your spot. Remember, we only ever book 5 delegates on anyone one course so book now to avoid disappointment.

“We previously worked with a PPC management company, but we had little success and so we needed to be cautious when trying to find another one. However, after speaking to Promote’s team of specialists, we were instantly reassured and confident that they could improve our ROI and help to increase conversions. Since Promote.Agency has set up the campaign, we have seen a dramatic rise in both traffic and sales. Equally, they have more than doubled our CTR compared to our previous campaigns. Promote were extremely informative and professional – they certainly know what they are talking about when it comes to Pay Per Click.”

- N. Lane, Director, Tucana Investment Property -