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4 More Signs That You Need Help With PPC

Posted in Adaptive Marketing by Andy Keyte

Recently, we created a blog on just a few of the signs that you might need help with your business' PPC, but there are so many more signs than we were able to cover at once! With that in mind, here at 4 more signs that you need professional, specialised help with your PPC.

4 More Signs That You Need Help With PPC!

  1. You're Responsible For Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, And More! – For those of you who might have the knowledge to make a success of every aspect of your company's digital marketing, our hats go off! Unfortunately, this role always means that you don't have enough time to dedicate to each and every component of your advertising efforts, which will often see them all suffer.

    Of course, there's no shame in this! Remember that larger companies have entire departments dedicated to social media management, and even smaller companies will normally have teams for PPC, SEO and other digital marketing efforts.

    Smaller business marketers, due to the demands on their time, can often be forced to limit their AdWords optimisations to as rare as once every quarter! In the busy modern world, it can be all too easy to let the dust accumulate on your PPC efforts, until one day you realise how many hundreds of pounds that you've wasted on irrelevant searches.

    When it comes to PPC, you cannot simply set it up and leave it to do its thing, and most multi-tasking professionals end up discovering this the hard way! Even setting aside 20 minutes every week is better than one dedicated PPC session every few months.

  2. You're Suffering From A Low Average Keyword Quality Score! – Quality Score is one of the most difficult PPC concepts for many digital marketers to get their head around. Essentially, it is the score that tells you how much Google likes you on a scale of 1 to 10. Okay, so it's a lot more complicated than that, but that explanation will do.

    Obviously, you want Google to like you because you'll end up paying less for the highest positions with the most visibility.

    There are a variety of known ways to improve your Quality Score, including the relevancy between your keywords, ads and landing pages, as well as achieving high CTR rates when compared to the expected CTR at your ad position.

    Whilst Quality Score is extremely important, it can also be incredibly difficult to manage, control and improve. If the majority of the keywords in your account have quality scores below 5, then Google is more likely to oppose your account and force you to pay a lot more per click if you want to rank close to your competition.

    This is a scenario which, as sad as we are to say it, you will definitely not be able to fix by yourself. If you have a low Quality Score, you need professional help.

  3. You're Spending A Lot, But Seeing Little In The Way Of Conversions – If you're not enjoy a high return on investment from your PPC, then that is a major issue that needs to be addressed. There is absolutely no point in advertising if you aren't going to be able to enjoy the potential returns.

    This can lead many people to believe that AdWords just doesn't work for their business, but we don't believe that. Most people who don't believe in PPC are making simple (and easy-to-make) mistakes which can be severely harming their paid search efforts.

    With so many factors influencing your PPC efforts, it can be extremely difficult to see where you're going wrong. Only with professional help will you be able to rectify these problems and get your account back on track.

  4. You Aren't Sure How Or When You Need To Adjust Your Bids – As one of the most challenging aspects of PPC, it can be extremely difficult to understand how to set budgets and bid properly. This is particularly true because the auction itself is constantly changing, as other PPC marketers make their own adjustments.

    What you have decided to bid for your most rewarding keywords one week might not work the next week. In the same manner, it can be difficult to understand how you should prioritise your budget, how much you should be spending all together and how do you effectively divide that budget between your individual campaigns or between search and display.

    These are common questions that PPC marketers have, but the paid search market is an unpredictable creature. It can be extremely difficult to understand whether or not you're going to get an effective return on your investment.

    You need to ensure that you have determined realistic budgets and settings and keyword bids. Whilst simply turning on the auto-bid function might seem like an easy and reliable alternative, we can't stress enough how ineffective this feature is. Giving Google the reins isn't always the best idea; particularly when it comes to your advertising budget!

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