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6 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Works!

Posted in Social Media by Promote

Social media has blown up in the 21st century, with websites such as Facebook having over 1 billion users active every month. This colossal growth and use of social media means that it is not just transforming how we spend our free time, but it is also now being utilised by businesses.

At Promote, we understand the value of social media, and know how it affects modern marketing. We are a digital marketing agency that makes use of a variety of social media platforms to ensure that your business is getting an increase in relevant traffic, and an increase in business.

How Social Media Can Transform Your Business's Marketing Strategies?

There are a variety of impacts social media can have upon your business. Here at Promote we can help you with incorporating social media into your marketing campaign and business plan. We help all types of businesses, and we know how social media can revolutionise your business's future and optimise the visits to your web page. But what how does social media really help your business?

1. A New Power of Marketing Your Brand Identity

When you have set up your business and established your brand identity, the next step is marketing that identity to the masses. Businesses need to get their voice and what they offer out into the public sphere, and social media is a new way to spread this awareness. With so many people using social media, it definitely has the ability to provide your business with a wider and an ever-growing audience. However, it needs to be carried out correctly and effectively or else it could be useless.

Recent studies have discovered that over 75% of small businesses attract new customers through the new marketing power of social media. Twitter allows businesses to search for users in the area in which they are located, and provides the option to tweet or follow these potential consumers. By putting what your business says or does into the direct eyesight of local consumers who are most likely going to use your business's services, you are engaging in a brand new form of marketing.

In addition to this, over 30% of consumers in a recent study cited social media as how they came to hear about a particular new business. If a friend of someone likes your business's page on Facebook, that action is shared on their timeline for more to see. Every time that they interact with your page, other users are directly seeing how you deal with consumers and more importantly, that your business exists. This further provides businesses with that much desired consumer exposure. Social media marketing can be seen here adding power to your business's brand awareness.

2. A Quicker and Contemporary Customer Service System

Another way that proves how social media can work for businesses is through social media acting as a new form of customer service for consumers.

Most 'tech-savvy' people using the internet have some form of social media account. This means that if businesses have accounts on some of the popular social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., they can offer a new and quicker way for customers to interact with them.
Social media is now formatted for most mobile devices, and all the popular ones are formatted to smart phones. This continues to make contact easier and more accessible to contact a business directly. With this real-time contact, it can vastly improve customer-business relations, and ultimately, establish a better rapport with current customers and act as an impetus for new customers to join.

With even more people having a social media account of some kind, a lot of people take to these accounts to vent anger at a particular business. This could really hinder a business if not dealt with in the correct way due to the nature of it being on a public platform.

By using social media yourself, you can get to the problem straight away and publically show how helpful your business is. By offering real-time, public help, this really helps with a consumer's trust of your business. Therefore, dealing effectively and politely on social media can really enforce your brand identity and consumer rapport.

Excellent customer service has always been a great marketing tool, as it makes customers' experience with your services a positive one, which makes them more likely to pass your details and information on to others. This word-of-mouth form of marketing will always work for businesses as it provides a company with reliability and authority. People want to be able to trust whose services they use, and now as well as hearing about services, your quality customer service is on a public platform for all to see and admire.

3. Keeping Active and Chatty Can Boost Likeability and Trust

By effectively 'keeping the conversation' going and being a regular poster on social media can increase your follower count. Having a static Twitter or Facebook page can really hinder your following.

By creating conversations on Twitter, which are limited to 140 characters, you can create a more colloquial and personable exchange with followers. This can help to 'humanise' your business, and move away from the stereotype that businesses are cold, distant and faceless.

By continually posting relevant and engaging content, whilst interacting directly with consumers, you have more of a chance of creating bonds with users. Just like with customer service abilities, this strengthens relationships and creates an image of likeability and trustworthiness.

If these steps are ignored, you virtually ignore consumers, lose followers and alienate users. You wouldn't ignore people when they're on the phone to you, don't do it on social media and social media can work for you.

4. Social Media Saves Money And Maximises Visibility

Social media works because it saves businesses money, whilst also permeating the masses with their brand. The cost of running a campaign online is by far cheaper than one on television or having banners plastered across cities.

Taking these online campaigns onto social media when you have already grown a bit of a following can be incredibly effective, whilst also being free to use. Social media is free, which means that if people aren't going directly to your website, you can convince them to for free on a more visible platform.

It costs your business no extra cost to interact with your valued customers, to promote more offers to them, and to continue advertising your service. This proves that social media really can work for your business.

If you have the ability to spend this saved money on social media, both Facebook and Twitter offer paid-services specifically tailored to businesses. Twitter Ads for instance, helps advertise your business on the platform. You are able to set a budget, and are then only charged for the services you require. It also allows you target the right people, through keywords, interests, location, gender and language, so you can make sure you are reaching the right people.

New analytics also allow you to see the impressions you're making, how many people are interacting with your tweets, how many are clicking your links, and at what time. These benefits mean social media is actively reaching out to businesses to help their marketing schemes work effectively.

5. A Way To Keep On Top of Competition

With most businesses taking to Twitter and Facebook because of the many benefits of social media marketing, it means that you can see all interactions your main rivals have. This makes social media a new, effective marketing tool for businesses. If you keep on top of trends by monitoring what your competitors are offering and how they're offering it, you can learn from this and promote a more unique service, or even a better deal.

Whilst this is a little bit of a sneaky technique, it can really work for your business. It encourages innovation, creativity and an even more exceptional service. It can add a further drive to your endeavours and inspire.

6. Sharing, Social Media & SEO

Google's algorithms are always changing, but two of the main things they focus on when trying to select which websites go to the top of their results page, are quality and authority. Authority is achieved through the relevant, trustworthy links directing to your site and if they are being used.
Social media allows the full integration of your business.

By keeping your social media platforms active and providing various tweets and posts linking to various pages on your website, you can boost your website's authority for Google search. Whilst your social media page is another form of marketing, users still use search engines to find services they require. So, if a consumer has missed your social media page, a search engine will still be able to locate your business and drive traffic.

With these links providing authority, social media is proving it can work for your business as it is another effective form of SEO, adding to the already effective practices of SEO you should already be following.

Work With A Digital Marketing Agency That Knows How Important Social Media Is!

At Promote, we are a digital marketing agency that offers a variety of digital marketing techniques for all types of businesses.

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As a professional digital marketing agency, we also offer AdWords scripting, display advertising, and the further management of your social media so you can reap the benefits we have mentioned above.

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