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Benefits Of Combining PPC and SEO for Online Success

Posted in Adaptive Marketing by Andy Keyte

PPC and SEO can be seen as completely separate entities but the benefits of using them together are extremely effective. Professional pay per click management can enable you to a have a fantastic web optimisation campaign to help your online business flourish.

Benefits Of Combining PPC And SEO

The combination of PPC and SEO can contribute to you having an incredibly successful online strategy, as long as the management of both concepts is up to scratch. Here are the benefits of a cohesive online marketing strategy:

Visibility – You're going to gain far more exposure on search engine results' pages. PPC often becomes reduced when your search term ranks number one but most of the time the top 3 search results are advertisements so you can therefore dominate both sides of the market. It's a no-brainer.

Social Media – Pay per click advertisements such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc which have millions of traffic every day. Effective pay per click management will enable you to use Facebook to channel and target a specific audience using their profile information.

Increase In Ecommerce Revenue - As you have more control on PPC content, you can include information and reviews which can persuade consumers to visit the product page and purchase a product or service.

Channel Ecommerce Feeds Into AdWord Results – Use Google to your benefit with regards to ecommerce. Google allows you to link specific product pages to ads. The ad will encompass the product and reviews and link directly to the product page. You can give your existing ecommerce a massive boost in such a simple way, so take advantage of it.

Share Keyword Data – Whilst running SEO and PPC campaigns parallel to each other you have double the data to analyse. You can find out which organic SEO words and PPC words have the best conversion rates and compile them to enable your business to be as optimal as possible and maximise your revenue two-fold.

Damage Limitation – Occasionally your company may face bad PR and it is just one of those things that come with the territory. The combination of SEO and PPC however allows you to combat this negative PR in a positive way. You can guide the pay per click and SEO results for a certain term which may be associated negatively with you and control the content that comes with it (online reputation management).

Good pay per click management enables you to do what BP did, for example with the oil spill fiasco. For months afterwards they invested in search advertising for the world “oil spill" and the PPC ad led to an article about the cleanup effort they implemented. They ensured that whenever anyone searched for oil spill their ad was at the top of the search list.

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