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Celebrate Internet Day on 29th October

Posted in Promote News by Promote Agency

The world today is unimaginable without the internet. No matter where we may turn in our towns and cities; the influence of it has been etched into the very being of those who use it. The world it has created for businesses, in particular, has allowed them more flexibility in which to offer their services, allowing them to literally trade with the entire world in just a single click of a mouse. On 29th October, the world will commemorate Internet Day – a celebration of all things digital. As a digital marketing agency, this is obviously something that we at Promote are keen on marking!

Promote – An Expert Digital Marketing Agency.

Working to give businesses every opportunity to be seen by the growing numbers of online users, a digital marketing agency is a vital tool to use in this modern online world. With many companies now conducting most, if not all, of their business on the internet, it's never been as important that they are able to set out their stalls in the busy marketplace. With many methods available in which to achieve this – from search engine optimisation (SEO), to pay-per-click and social media advertising – any type of business, no matter their size, has the opportunity not just to set out that stall to attract interested browsers, but to actually set it out in a prime position.

With Internet Day being a great opportunity for us all to look back at this world-changing invention – the day also gives us a great chance to look forward, seeing how it can help us to progress our businesses.

What Is Internet Day?

Since 2005, every 29th October has been marked by 'Internet Day' – a celebration of all things related to the creation of the method of communication that has had a huge impact on the human race. This particular day has been chosen, as 29th October 1968 was the first time that an internet transmission was made. Just a few months after Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the moon, a graduate student at the University of California (UCLA), named Leonard Kleinrock, used a connection between his computer and a couple of telephones in an attempt to send a message to his colleagues, Charley Kline and Bill Duvall.

The team were working on a network known as ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), which was funded by the United States Government and involved the connection of four separate computers that were installed at three other Universities, aside from the one at UCLA. The message that Kleinrock attempted to send was 'login' – he managed to send the first two letters before the connection crashed. Nevertheless, the 'L' and 'O' represented the first bits of data sent over a long distance computer network, paving the way for more to be sent in the future. That future was just an hour later, in fact – as Kleinrock supervised Kline as he sent the complete 'login' to Bill Duvall in Stanford.

Paving The Way For The Modern Day Web.

The ability to send data over wide area networks improved vastly over the next 20 years – computers could now communicate with each other over vast distances, sending increasing amounts of data. In 1989, British computer scientist, Tim Berners-Lee, used the idea of the burgeoning internet to create an 'information space' that would become known as the world wide web. Writing the first web browser in 1990, this program was released to the public in 1991 and the Information Age was born. People were now able, not just to communicate over large distances, but also to create their own information and pass it along this ever-expanding web. 20 years on from that – the internet and the world wide web has changed the way we live. We can now access this virtual world wirelessly, from mobile phones, tablet devices and televisions. We can live our entire lives on the internet – from working to shopping to relaxing - anything and everything is possible with the internet. So this is why Internet Day is well worth celebrating, by everyone (not just for a digital marketing agency!) every October 29th. Why not visit the first-ever URL created by Berners-Lee and have a look around the original website?

Looking To Increase The Reach of Your Business on The Internet?

Speaking of working on the internet, if you're an eCommerce trader looking to increase your conversion rates – you've found the right place here at Promote Agency. Our experienced and talented digital marketing experts are able to implement a promotional campaign that will give you an advantage over your competitors when it comes to attracting the attentions of interested customers, who are browsing the internet.

Aside from the expert knowledge and experience, another major reason why many a forward-thinking business hires a digital marketing agency is simply because of the time factors involved in undertaking an advertising campaign. With work to do for the business itself, it can often be difficult to balance the two – which leads to one (or both) areas being neglected for time, as you're busy trying to juggle both. By making use of an expert digital marketing agency, you can solely concentrate on your business, safe in knowing that your ad campaigns are being taken care of by talented professionals.

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