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Defeat Your Competition With Inbound Marketing

Posted in Adaptive Marketing by Andy Keyte

Inbound marketing has been an effective advertising strategy for many years and, particularly as part of an adaptive or holistic marketing solution, will continue to be so into the future.

Whilst outbound methods still work, they are starting to lose ground to the myriad benefits offered by other marketing techniques. This is as consumers become increasingly self-reliant and suspicious of obvious advertising methods.

Here at Promote, we expect inbound marketing to become more and more integral to a much larger number of businesses' marketing campaigns. As part of a wider marketing system, will contribute greatly to a business brand identity and the likelihood of their success over their competition.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing, essentially, works on creating high-quality content which draws traffic towards your business and its brand identity, not to mention the products and services you offer. Whereas outbound marketing can include traditional techniques like paid advertising and buying email lists, inbound can often be considered as the optimisation of your potential customer's journey to becoming a paying consumer.

By ensuring that your content aligns with your customer's interests, you naturally attract inbound traffic which you can then convert and impress as time goes by. This ends up creating loyal followers who are likely to contribute to the promotion of your brand itself.

The Major Themes And Actions Of Inbound Marketing

The major themes of inbound marketing revolve around including your customer, making them feel welcome within your business with targeted content which appeals to their interests and beliefs whilst simultaneously answering questions and fulfils any needs that they possess. By personalising this content, you can increasingly work to answer their needs and encourage their loyalty over an extended period of time.

The four marketing actions are the very best ways in optimising your customer's journey, from attracting them to your business in the first place, to encouraging a loyal, long-lasting and friendly attitude towards your business.

Attracting Your Customer – Whilst, in recent years, advertisers have dreamed of incredible numbers of traffic and have worked to bring in any kind of traffic to a website, only relevant and eager traffic is likely to convert. By creating buyer personas, you can work towards attracting the kind of people you want as customers.

Buyer personas are ideas of what you main types of audience are like, and what changes are likely to appeal to them. These personas are the people around whom you need to build your entire marketing strategy, if not your business identity as a whole.

By making the most of useful, informative content, effective SEO and interactive social media, you can help to attract your ideal customer through their persona and get to work on the next step of your inbound marketing strategy.

Converting Your Customer – Converting your attracted audience into leads is the essential component of the entire marketing process. Contact information is one of the most valuable assets to any kind of online advertiser and so you need to ensure that you are gathering this information.

The only way you are going to do this is to offer something in return; a transaction which, typically, relies on content. Tip sheets, eBooks, guides, whitepapers, videos etc – whatever content your persona would enjoy the most is the kind you need to be offering as a reward for giving up valuable information.
Calls to action and easy to fill-in forms and contact sheets are the best ways of gathering this information. Remember to keep all contact information offered to you, and store it in one central database.

Closing Your Customer – So, you've attracted and converted your customer and you're wondering what comes next? You need to close them, using such online tools as CRM, closed-loop reporting and email marketing to convince them to completely convert from interested traffic into paying customers.

Delight Your Customer – You need to make sure that your customer is completely satisfied with your interaction. Providing incredible content and customer service are just two of the ways to do this. Make the most of surveys, smart content 'content which adapts depending on the user's persona' and social monitoring to keep your customer delighted with your business and more likely to promote your business themselves; a kind of advertising which everyone trusts more than paid advertising.

Defeating The Competition With Promote's Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Here at Promote, we specialise in providing inbound solutions as part of an overarching marketing campaign to help your business grow into the industry-leader that you know it can be, with a distinct and unique brand identity.

For more information, or to discover just what our inbound marketing solutions can do for you, email our helpful and knowledgeable support team at, or alternatively call us up on 0118 380 1002.