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Don’t Get Penalised By Search Engines For Black Hat SEO!

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When writing content for SEO, it's important to follow the rules; otherwise you run the risk of being penalised by search engines.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is the name given to search engine optimisation tactics that are unethical and often result in websites getting penalised or banned. Here are some examples of Black Hat SEO techniques that you should avoid:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Link schemes
  • Buying links
  • Duplicating content
  • Automated queries to search engines
  • Hidden text (usually containing keywords or links)

Instead use what is known as White Hat SEO. White Hat techniques involve creating high quality content that is relevant to your business in order to boost your rankings.

How Can I Avoid Being Penalised By Search Engines?

1.Don't Overuse Keywords

After you have chosen good and useful keywords use them sparingly. It can be tempting to use them as much as possible; however that is not a good idea. This is known as 'keyword stuffing' and can lead to your website not ranking highly. Instead of reusing the same keyword, you can use words known as LSI. For example, you own a local shop in Liverpool the sells freshly cooked chicken. You might be tempted to repeat “fresh chicken in Liverpool" however, instead of repeating the key phrase; you can instead use LSI key phrases such as “lunch in Merseyside".

2.Write Relevant Content

Make sure your content is good. Don't write about current events that have no relevancy to your business. Not only is irrelevant content disliked by search engines and users, but it will also decrease your conversion rate. You should focus your SEO efforts on attracting potential customers, not simply attracting clicks. For example, if you own a bicycle shop you could write a blog about a local cycling path and talk about seasonal sights to enjoy. You could also write about the current weather and any hazards and give tips on reducing the risk, for example a blog about autumn weather and slip hazards created by fallen leaves and the rain.

3.Don't Plagiarise

Not only is plagiarising content highly unethical, but in some cases it can be classified as copyright infringement which is a very serious crime. Search engine's anti-plagiarism checks also apply to your own work. If you continuously post the same content over and over, it will rank poorly. To combat this, write new and interesting pieces of content every time. A great way to keep your work current is to look at current events and discuss any applicable to your business.

4.Be Creative

Think outside the box, this will make following the three steps feel and read natural. As Bill Gates said “content is king". Make sure that you first write great and creative content; otherwise you run the risk of your website not converting readers into sales.

5.Attend An SEO Class

If you need help with SEO, you could attend a class led by a skilled SEO agency. At Promote we offer a fantastic SEO training session that will teach you everything you need to know and keywords, writing content and how to avoid getting penalised by search engines.

6.Hire A Dedicated SEO Agency

If you're concerned about getting penalised by search engines don't worry, Promote is here to help. Our skilled copywriters can write articles, blogs and on page content that is both interesting and relevant to your business, designed to help increase your position in search engine results pages. With our help, you can reach page one in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Stay On the Right Side Of SEO, Avoid Black Hat SEO

By avoiding Black Hat SEO and following the advice of the above six points, you can enjoy high rankings and avoid being penalised by search engines.

If you are considering hiring a SEO agency to write optimised content for your website, it is important to make sure that they do not use Black Hat SEO. Here are a few simple questions that you can ask to help make sure you don't fall foul from Black Hat SEO techniques.

  • What techniques will you use to improve my search engine rankings and how do they work?

    The company should be able to explain to you how they will improve your search engine rankings and explain the techniques available and why they work. For example creating sharable content and promoting it via social media in order to obtain valuable but genuine links.

  • What is your definition of Black Hat SEO?

    A SEO company should be able to describe Black Hat SEO techniques and why they do not use them. After all, it is your website that will suffer should they utilise Black Hat techniques.

Trustworthy SEO From Promote

Promote only uses White Hat SEO techniques. SEO is a marathon not a sprint, as such it takes time and dedication to steadily push a website up to page one. In our digital age, the benefits of a high ranking website are too great to ignore, but it is very important that you do not use unethical tactics to reach there, as they can result in you getting banned.

We have a large selection of information available on various digital marketing techniques and are available tooffer support, training and provide services for SEO,PPC,remarketing and various other digital marketing services.

You can trust in our 10 years of experience. Over our many years we have provided dozens of businesses with great content that enabled them to reach page one of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you're interested in SEO or any of the digital marketing services we provide, you can contact our friendly and experienced team on 0118 380 1002. Alternatively you could contact us through Twitter by tweeting to us at @promote_agency