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Facebook’s New Ad Format Great For Social Media Management

Posted in Social Media by Promote Agency

Since starting their operations in 2004, social media giant Facebook has maintained their position on the top of the industry tree thanks to their constant stream of innovative ideas. The latest is no exception – the rollout of their latest ad format has led to industry insiders to conduct studies that have shown the effectiveness of the ads. Their findings indicated that Facebook ads are now able to vastly outperform those on other social media advertising platforms – and are even on a par with those on search engines. This offers a great breakthrough for social media management and adverts on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Ads and Their Effects On Social Media Management

Our constant use of social media platforms is often the reason given as to why placing ads on these sites is worthwhile and highly effective. Containing a wide range of aspects in which we can interact with, Facebook offers the perfect environment for businesses to advertise from. It has the data and capability to target specific audiences on aspects such as location, interests, apps used, articles used, posts liked, posts shared, ads clicked, pages visited, places checked into...the list is virtually endless.

This ability to present ads to such specific audiences increases the chances of them being clicked and followed through. It also greatly increases the chances of a consumer being caught up in that micro-moment – which refers to the time that your ad and the interests of the consumer meet perfectly. The relatively recent rapid development of mobile phone technology has seen the effectiveness of Facebook ads increase – thanks to better-defined location targeting. Now, no matter where you may be, Facebook is able to present ads concerning something related to an interest of yours – this process has been made all the more effective, thanks to the introduction of better predictive targeting.

New and Improved Predictive Targeting

As part of their constant on-going testing, Facebook are always looking for ways in which they are able to improve the performance of their ads. As part of the new layout rolled out recently, predictive targeting has been more refined to better attract the attentions of an interested browser.

As an example of how this works – if you've travelled to a new city, you may receive a notification from Facebook stating that there are '4 highly-rated cafes nearby you may like'. This notification works with local mapping information and all your Facebook activity to understand that you may be fond of visiting a cafe – and there are 4 of them nearby. If you open the notification, it will display a map and by clicking on any of these locations, you will be taken to its Facebook page – showing the ad's effectiveness.

How Well Do Facebook Ads Really Work? Will My Business Benefit In The Long Term?

Here, we're going to look at a few ways on how well Facebook ads work and how they can be effective now, as well as in the future in regards to your social media management:

  • The data on Facebook is plentiful and will only continue to grow in depth as users continue to spend more time on the platform, making comments, liking posts, sharing content etc. As time goes on and the Facebook ads platform constantly improves, you'll able to use these detailed aspects to target your perfect audience. As mentioned – if you can offer your products and services to the exact audience you're after, it's more likely you'll get a conversion.

  • A major aspect of why Facebook is the most popular social network is that it's able to incorporate most aspects provided by other social networks. Whether it's video clips that has made YouTube a success, the micro-blogging aspect of Twitter, the photo-sharing of Instagram or the ability to chat in specific groups, virtually replacing forums and message boards – the versatility of Facebook sees it used by people of all ages, likes and locations. This is why it is – and will continue to be – a great source of information to mine, increasing the effectiveness of its ads in the future.

  • Of course, targeting your audience to get them to like your business page on Facebook is only half the battle won. Engaging with them and providing them with a reason to continue to use your services is the true key to success. Facebook, with its versatile abilities, allows for that – you will be able to regularly update your business page, placing in links to your products, photos, videos, special offers...anything that will help them to keep engaged and interested in your service.

  • When it comes to any sort of advertising campaign, the ability to sufficiently measure it is vital in understanding if you have got a decent ROI (Return on Investment). Not only can Facebook provide this in a easy-to-understand format, but it can also go more in-depth. It can do this by showing how well the specific targeting has been working and which 'types' of people (based on the many factors already mentioned) best responded to your ads. This will give you the perfect information of what to incorporate in your future advertisements.

Ultimately, Facebook ads are the go-to choice for your online advertising. With such a wide range of abilities and new and existing updates to layouts that see better targeting options produced, any forward-thinking business must see the obvious benefit in advertising on Facebook. The unfortunate aspect of marketing for many is that there simply isn't enough time to do it, in addition to their usual jobs. This is where a social media management company can help.

How Social Media Advertising Experts Can Help

It can be easy, especially if you're extremely busy, to rush your marketing campaigns. As a social media management company with many years of industry experience, we can say that if you don't take the time to customise your campaigns, especially to target specific audiences, then it's very likely you will not see any decent ROI. This is where social media advertising experts can help – not only can they take over your marketing campaign, they are also able to spend time creating an effective campaign, using their knowledge and expertise to promote the best social media advertising campaign as possible.

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