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Future Proof Your Online Presence With Adaptive Online Marketing

Posted in Adaptive Marketing by Andy Keyte

The main feature of adaptive online marketing is in the name; it's adaptable. Whilst this means utilising every method of engaging with the customer and working to continuously personalise your customer's interaction with your business, the very nature of the marketing concept ensures that adaptive marketing will be around for a long, long time.

Here at Promote, we know that an adaptive and holistic style of marketing is the future. Only through the very best in contemporary marketing strategies will your business be positioned to comfortably watch your competitors scrabble to appeal to your audience.

What Exactly Is Adaptive Online Marketing?

Adaptive online marketing is the newest and most effective form of any business' advertising strategy, which concentrates on supplying an enjoyable and engaging experience for your customer whilst they are interacting with your brand. The idea that customers purchase items and continue to use a specific business for their items because they feel connected to the brand identity of the business is one that adaptive online marketing believes in and utilises.

Adaptive marketing can be considered as an advertising concept which works to try and understand, and provide an engaging experience for, every consumer.

An excellent example of an offline adaptive strategy is the way Coca Cola made the most of the heat waves of Spain in June 2012. By installing responsive thermometers in their branded vending machines, Coca Cola were able to change the price of 'Limon & Nada' depending on the weather. In fact, when the temperature reached more than 30°C, Limon & Nada was half the price it would normally costs from the same machines.

This, along with many of the other marketing techniques that Coca Cola are trying out, including their 'Freestyle' machines – vending machines which allow the user to design their own combination of branded products to create a 'Coca Cola Cocktail', and which then collects data on the favourite flavours, combinations and products in the Coca Cola range, which are often used to adjust flavours and retire or introduce new products – acts as proof that going adaptive can not only benefit the customer, but also the brand and business.

The Customer – They receive, often, cheaper products and an increasingly personalised interaction with the brand which encourages continued loyalty.

The Brand – As the customer enjoys the adaptive aspect of the marketing, the brand will increase its reputation and be considered more of a user-focused brand. With big corporations in particular, such as Coca Cola, who often receive overwhelming amounts of bad press, this improved reputation and the adaptive marketing can act as proof that the company wants to provide the very best service for its users.

The Business – The business manages to sell more products through adaptive means but, most importantly, it is able to gather data about its customers and their needs, which enables even more personalisation as a component of its marketing campaign.

The Evolved Customer

The idle, non-interactive customer of the past has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Contemporary customers are eager to interact with businesses and happy to provide personal information if they can see it being used to directly benefit them.

Many customers are starting to demand personalised experiences. There are no effective ecommerce businesses which do not already offer their customers personal accounts from where they can control the transactions.

Adaptive online marketing is the next step in the evolution of businesses to match the customer. It is the reaction to the needs and desires of the consumer and those businesses who fail to go adaptive are unlikely to survive into the future.

Future-Proofing With Adaptive Online Marketing From Promote

Here at Promote, we are a team of specialists from a wide range of marketing fields, including designers, copywriters and advertisers with unbeatable knowledge of online marketing techniques. We combine various disciplines to create the future-proof adaptive online marketing strategies we offer.

We help businesses to realise the full potential of their brand, to interact on a much deeper level with their customers and to ensure that both participants are overjoyed with the experience. Customers aren't necessarily buying products on their own anymore. They are buying into a brand and enjoying the positive engagement the transaction needs to provide.

For more information, call us on 0118 380 1002 or email us at and one of our dedicated support staff will call you back when it is convenient for you. Prepare your business for the future of eCommerce today, with adaptive online marketing strategies, from Promote.