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Google’s Smart Campaigns – Helping You To Get The Most From Your Pay Per Click Management

Posted in Google News by Promote Agency

When it comes to advertising and promotion online, for any type of business getting their Pay Per Click management right is the difference between their website receiving a large volume of clicks, or not. The more clicks that are driven to a website, the increased likelihood of more conversions.

Recognising the need to improve the ad experience for online advertisers is the reason behind the launch of Google's Smart Campaigns platform – but what is it and how does it work?

Pay Per Click Management – An Ideal Advertising Method For All Types Of Businesses

The differences between a small and large business are more than just about size – the structure, culture, politics and working practices all differ. In fact, every business will differ in some way – finding a customisable solution to each and every aspect of their operation will lend itself better to what they're trying to achieve.

The great thing about the World Wide Web is that you do not need to be a large business to make your mark. You can be a small business and yet build up a strong following, a community if you will, without having to spend thousands of pounds a month on advertising. Great Pay Per Click management isn't about throwing money at something –it's about how well you can optimise the adverts; getting the best out of your budget to attract enough conversions to progress your business to the next level.

So What Is Google's 'Smart Campaigns'?

The last few years have seen Google simplify its advertising products in order to make them more accessible to a wider range of individuals and businesses. This is the impetus behind Smart Campaigns, which has been exclusively designed for small and local businesses that don't have a dedicated marketing team, nor even have a website.

Smart Campaigns are now the default campaign type for new advertisers in the Google Ads platform – entirely automated, from delivery optimisation to ad creatives, Smart Campaigns are based on the product/service that is being advertised, as well as the goal that the advertiser sets. These goals could be anything from enquires over the phone, visits to a website –even requests for directions.

The Smart Campaigns platform is designed to work in tandem with Google My Business for ad creation (images, location addresses, contact information etc) as well as with the landing pages on the website of the business. For those that do not have a website, Google will create auto-generated and optimised landing pages with the information required.

How Do Smart Campaigns Work?

Smart Campaigns is simply a highly automated form of a Google AdWords display campaign. It takes advantage of the great strides taken in recent years with machine learning to achieve three core things:

  • Automatic Bidding. The Smart Campaigns display uses CPA (Cost Per Acquisition),a targeting bidding process that focuses on getting conversions at the precise cost that has been set. The 'smart' aspect comes into play by aggressively bidding when the data suggests that a conversion will be likely. On less likely occasions, the bid will be somewhat lower, thus saving the user money with their Pay Per Click management by not bidding highly on something that is less likely to succeed.

The data that determines the decision made by the platform can be things like the behaviour of the user on a website – like, have they visited? What did they click on? Did they interact with anything? etc.

  • Automatic Targeting. The Smart Display also uses a combination of the targeting methods that are already available in regular display campaigns; they've been proven to work, so why not make use of them? These are things like remarketing, keywords, topics,demographics, placements and interest categories – all of which are used to understand the journey of a person browsing the information, and how to target them.

The difference with Smart Campaigns, as opposed to regular display campaigns,is that it will target and test all of these aspects in order to find the ideal combination that works best for the user – which combination helps to provide more conversions at the set CPA. If the algorithm finds that a targeting method performs poorly, then it will place more focus on the other targeting methods that have proven to be more effective.

  • Automatic Creatives. This is the part of the Pay Per Click management platform that allows the user to create, test and manage the creative side of the ads. The user has control over the headlines, descriptions, images and logos to enter, then the campaign will combine all of these assets to create a number of different ads to show across Google's vast display network. It will then test the performance of these ads, learning which are the most effective combinations and start to show them more in their best-performing form.

Professional PPC Management, From Promote

Here at Promote, we are a leading Pay Per Click management company who are able to offer you guidance and support when it comes to you understanding everything you need to know about undertaking your own PPC Campaign.

Whether you're looking to train your staff up, or are even needing some expert assistance to manage your campaign, our experts will be on hand to help. Our comprehensive PPC service includes Ad campaign management,optimisation and regular PPC training courses. As a Google Partner, we are well positioned to guide you through the latest changes in every aspect of their AdWords' programme.

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