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Has the Google Green Ad Label affected your PPC Campaign

Posted in Adaptive Marketing by Promote

If you're reading this you might be wondering why the change from the orange/yellow colour Google was previously using to Green.

This Google Ad label appears when a company has purchased advertisement through Google Adwords. This allows their searches to rank first, but they are ladled as an advertisement.

Many people are making the connection that the “Ad" label is now the same colour as the website URL in the search results. Does this have an impact at all, or does it just make it look more uniform?

Many people debate on the difference between certain colours. In fact there is a field of psychological study which focuses on exactly that. Perhaps Google had considered this when changing the colour of their Ad label?

An interesting fact about how colour is how it is displayed on computer screens.It may sound strange but yellow on a computer screen isn't actually yellow.

A very intelligent man released a YouTube video explaining how this works.His name is Michael Stevens but is most know him as Michael from Vsauce for his highly intelligent and educational videos on YouTube.

Have you ever heard the term RGB or RBG Colour Model? Essentially a computer screen is made up of lots of tiny red, green and blue lights and these lights interact together to form other colours. When red and green lights work together, the brain puts these colours together and like 1+2=3, red + green + yellow. So even though we see the colour yellow, the lights on that computer screen are in fact a mixture of red and green.

Benefits To Green Over Yellow

Why is green better than yellow? There is much debate on if different colours inspire emotions or not. Some people suggest wearing a red tie to an interview because it symbolises power. Or that blue is a calming colour. suggests that Green represents growth and freshness. Whereas yellow inspires optimism and warmth. So why change the Ad label from an optimistic colour to a fresh one?

Perhaps it's far simpler than we think. Perhaps the colour change is to simply allow the Ad label to blend in with the URL text.

So if the Ad label is less distinguishable from the URL text, how is this going to affect PPC campaigns?

What Does This Mean For PPC?

With Google Adwords you are only charged when people click on the advertisement, meaning you only pay when your Ad works.

Making the Ad label blend in with the URL text may mean that people do not notice what they are clicking is an advertisement. This could result in more people clicking on your advertisement.

This could have a positive impact on your PPC Campaign. On one hand more people may be visiting your content. On the other hand, more people clicking your advertisement means you will ultimately be charged more but on the upside, more people are seeing your content.

How To Prepare Your Website For The Possibility Of Higher Traffic

In order to benefit from the possibility of higher traffic you need to make sure that this traffic is the right kind of traffic. You need to ensure that the people visiting your website are people who want to be there and people who have the potential to become future customers.

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