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How Can AI Affect SEO?

Posted in Search Engine Optimisation by Promote

Numerous different areas of our 21st century society are taking advantage of the scientific advancements with regards to artificial intelligence technology. However, can AI provide benefits for Search Engine Optimisation?

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How Can AI Affect SEO?

With regards to Search Engine Optimisation, there are numerous ways that AI can assist both consumers and businesses. Whilst there is an element of fear that AI could replace people, rendering certain skill sets obsolete. It is important to remember that AI could also complement our skills; assisting us and enabling us to provide a more effective and higher quality service. This potential future for AI could also apply to Search Engine Optimisation services, with AI boosting the capabilities of skilled SEO professionals.

For example, digital marketing agencies can take advantage of the use of AI in mobile devices such as virtual assistants, for example Siri in Apple Iphones. Indeed, by optimising their websites and content for both search queries which are typed into a search engine and queries which are spoken to a virtual assistant. The SEO professional could potentially boost the impact that their optimisation skills have on the website's rankings for specific search queries. If you would like to optimise your content for voice search, it is important to think about how users utilise voice search technology. This means choosing “voice friendly" keywords; focusing on long tail keywords as voice technology enables users to be more specific as it is often much quicker to speak than to type.

However, AI also provides opportunities with regards to insights. Indeed, AI could interpret patterns in data. Additionally, artificial intelligence could interpret this data at a scale of which people could never hope to replicate. Providing the information required for people to make informed decisions. For example, you could use AI to undertake a site performance analysis or a market trends analysis. Then the SEO professional can use that data to begin the planning phase of a professional SEO digital marketing solution.

Could Automation Play A Role In SEO?

SEO requires a large amount of attention over the course of a digital marketing campaign. As such, automation could result in significant amounts of time saved, which could free up time for SEO professionals to apply that time to strategy or content creation.

With automation, AI could assist SEO professionals. Indeed by automating tasks such as technical audits, keyword research, and tag management, professional digital marketers can utilise their specialist skills to tackle the more challenging aspects of SEO marketing, creating high quality content for clients.

AI Can Be Used To Personalise Content.

Thanks to AI, content can be personalised to a user, this means that discovery is not restricted to SERPs. For example, you could optimise your content with regards to Google Maps, making sure that your business profile is up to date and displays information relevant to potential customers/clients who are browsing your local area on Google Maps.

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