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Mobile-First Indexing – What Is It and How Will It Affect Online Marketing In Berkshire?

Posted in Adaptive Marketing by Promote Agency

Throughout the past year, we have written much about the burgeoning audience on mobiles – since late 2016, the number of people who use their mobile devices to access the Internet has surpassed that of those who use 'traditional' desktop computers. As a result, search engines have rolled out 'mobile-first indexing' when it comes to ranking websites in a search. But what is mobile-first indexing and how will it affect online marketing in Berkshire?

Why You Need Online Marketing In Berkshire

It's probably not escaped your notice that the business community in Berkshire is ever-growing, leading to further investment in homes, leisure and retail facilities. With property prices in London constantly on the increase, many people have been looking to the immediate areas outside of the capital to live and work – places like Reading, Slough and Bracknell have taken advantage of this.

The problem for existing businesses in the area will be an increase in competition. As a community grows, more services will appear for people to take advantage of. In order to stay ahead of the competition, a business must be able to stand out, communicating itself to people in the most effective way. Online marketing in Berkshire can help with this.

Whether you're waiting around at a train station, or simply walking around the local high street, you'll see plenty of people tapping away at their phones. Not everyone will be catching Pokémon or posting photos on social media, many will be using their mobiles to find information on services in their local area. Online marketing will help a service to stand out amongst its peers, giving itself a better opportunity to attract the attention of a wide audience by using clever techniques to get them interested in what the business can offer.

The top benefits of undertaking online marketing in Berkshire include:

  • An increase in visibility. Using PPC ads or implementing SEO within the website's content will get the website seen by more people, undoubtedly leading to more clicks. The more clicks, the higher the chance of an increase in sales.
  • Make a connection with customers. Social media marketing can help to create a community around a business as it provides a more personal platform for it to connect with customers. Product promotions, service information, customer questions etc, can all be serviced by social media marketing.
  • Keeping pace with the competition. With the internet being all encompassing in our lives in these modern times, it's likely that competitors will also be trying to outdo each other in the race to win customers. Online marketing in Berkshire will at least allow a business to keep up – professional online marketing could even put them ahead.
  • Create a professional, market leader image. By creating a high-ranking website that shows the business to be active, dynamic, knowledgeable and constantly working hard to improve, it will play into a perception that the business is professional and can be trusted. Trust is an obvious major issue for customers – especially in the faceless environment of the World Wide Web. Therefore, image is everything in the battle to win trust.

However, before it can benefit from marketing techniques such as PPC, CRO and SEO, a business must ensure that their website puts the mobile browsing experience at the heart of its structure.

So, What Is Mobile-First Indexing?

Thanks to the growth of mobile internet usage, search engines such as Google have recognised the need to sort their search results based on the browsing experience on phones. This requires any website with intentions of making a serious mark in their online markets, to be able to be responsive – a website that is able to lend itself well to all devices, enabling everyone to find the information they need.

The rollout of mobile-first indexing has been ongoing since late 2016, so it's absolutely imperative that any forward-thinking business must be able to shape their website towards mobile first. Whilst online marketing in Berkshire can help to a point, it's ultimately the structure of the website that plays heavily into its visibility – so if you're looking to undertake a promotional campaign, make sure that your website is able to be read on all devices.

Need To Learn More About Online Marketing? Get In Touch With The Experts

Here at Promote Agency, we are a professional online marketing company who for over a decade, have been helping businesses to improve their output on the World Wide Web. Regardless of the requirements of our clients, whether they're looking to build a keyword structure with SEO, get those vital short-term hits from PPC Ads or to undertake e-mail marketing, our talented team are able to create a campaign that will suit any type of business.

If you're searching for ways to improve the visibility of your website, to potentially increase sales or simply to present your business as an innovative, modern forward-thinking outfit, then let our team help. Give us a call today on 0118 380 1002 or send an e-mail enquiry to