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Safe Places To Build Links For SEO

Posted in Adaptive Marketing by Andy Keyte

When it comes to SEO, there are now two main elements which Google looks for when ranking a website. The first is to write great content which your audience will want to read, the second is to gain links from authoritive websites which show Google that your website is more relevant to user than your competitors are.

How Do I Find Links For SEO?

Creating great content is something most people will understand, whether they think they are capable of producing it or not. However when it comes to acquiring useful links to your site, there is less understanding and more confusion.

The price for getting it wrong can be huge, with penalties given out by Google to anyone who gets it wrong and doesn't fix their error. Here we take a look at 10 places where it's safe to source links for your SEO campaign:

  1. Education Sites – These types of sites are used by universities and other educational institutions. They usually end in or .edu in the US, and signal to Google than your site has some educational value and is worth higher rankings.

  2. Government Sites – Similar to an educational site, links from a government website end with .gov domain and are completely safe. They can be among the hardest to acquire however, but if you can they will be very effective.

  3. Specific Industry Directories – These have a bad reputation after being de-indexed by Google in the last Penguin update, however there are some out there which are useful. In particular are ones which are related to a specific industry and is highly regarded within that industry.

  4. Industry Related Forums – Similar to an industry directory, forums can work well to make the right people aware of your business. With this your main aim is not to get inbound links, but to participate in discussions in ways that add value. Include your name, title and website URL in your signature.

  5. Industry Related Blogs – External blogs which are prominent in your industry are one of the easiest ways to gain great links, and will help you attract the right type of traffic. Posting as a guest author will also help your brand grow.

  6. Social Media – These are easy to gain but are not as effective as some of the other options. However if you create a post which goes viral, it could end up being the best piece of marketing you will ever do. Just be sure to maintain your brand image in your posts.

  7. YouTube & Other Video Sites – These offer great potential for link building as every time you upload a video, you'll have a chance to include links to your website. And just like social media, if one of your videos goes viral, it could bring in lots of users.

  8. Client Testimonials – Getting a well known client to write a short testimonial or blog for their own site can be a great way to get a link, and may also give you further business from people who see it.

  9. Journalistic Sites – Getting your content onto a journalistic site will mean it has to be interesting and not too promotional. If you write relevant, informational pieces then getting it published well gain you a great link from a site with high authority.

  10. Wikipedia Pages – Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, allowing you to have control over your links there. Be careful to only use your website as a citation if it makes sense in the context of the article.

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