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SEO In Nottingham: Still Delivering Results Despite The Rise of Zero-Click Searches

Posted in Search Engine Optimisation by Promote Agency

If you're interested in taking advantage of SEO in Nottingham, then you're already fully aware of how competitive it can be to get your website established and noticed amongst many other local businesses. This competition has been made all the more difficult in recent years, though, thanks to the rise of zero-click search results – but did you know that traditional organic and paid searches still deliver far more traffic to websites than other channels (including social media and display advertising)?

That is the findings of a new study from industry researchers, BrightEdge, anyway. Their report [PDF] found that paid and organic searches are responsible for 68% of all trackable website traffic. So,let's take a look at their findings in more detail and sum up why organic SEO is still important for marketers.

What The Results Could Mean For SEO In Nottingham

In the five years BrightEdge has been conducting their research, the percentage of traffic from organic searches has grown – 53% in 2019, as opposed to 51% in 2014 (with traffic through paid searches standing at around 15%). BrightEdge have said that data generated was from 'thousands of domains and tens of billions of sessions' (direct traffic was excluded from the study).

The report breaks down the traffic data by key verticals. For B2B sites, the numbers were even larger than more general traffic distribution – more than 75% of B2B traffic came from organic and paid searches.

For retail sites, the distribution of traffic between organic search, paid and others were more even – other and paid searches being at around 23%, whilst organic searches delivered 41% of clicks.Whilst the numbers were largely similar for websites in the hospitality sector,more traffic came from 'others' – 31% of it.

Social Media Traffic Referrals Remain Level

Despite the encouraging rise in organic traffic,the report had few positives for social media channels; their numbers remained flat (accounting for less than 5% of traffic) since 2014. Media and entertainment (at 8%) was the only category that drove more traffic from social media.

BrightEdge have also offered an estimated breakdown of revenue by channel for general traffic and in specific verticals.Overall, paid and organic searches are responsible for 7% of revenues for B2B and the other verticals. In comparison, they assert that social media accounts for less than 1% of revenue on average.

Why Are These Statistics Important For Local SEO?

Whilst there may be some marketers who may dispute some of the social media findings, there can be no denying that organic and paid searches are vital in establishing an online business, providing it with great visibility on a local, national and even an international level.

Whilst social media is a great way to build and maintain a community around a brand (creating a fast-response customer service outlet that can, in the long term, bring new customers), using SEO in Nottingham is the simply best way to build up that community of interested clientele in the first place. As the number of people who use the internet continues to rise, it is imperative that any business with designs on having a long-term online future is able to have a presence in the keyword searches that matter.

So, if you're looking to improve the standing of your own website within one of those keyword searches – be they organic keywords in an SEO campaign or even as part of a PPC campaign, then the dedicated expert internet marketing team here at Promote can help you to reach your goals.

Choose Promote For Dedicated Web Optimisation

With many years of experience in the industry,we have built up a leading website optimisation service that places innovation at the heart of everything we do. With a vast array of projects viewable in our portfolio, we have a proven track record of delivering real results that make a genuine, positive impact upon the standing of our clients in their relevant markets.

To ensure that each of our clients receives the very best service, our SEO solutions go beyond simply ensuring that your pages are able to rank well on a keyword search. Our devoted account managers will steer your campaign every step of the way – dedicated to learning about your business to deliver better-defined content, as well as constantly keeping you informed of the progress of your campaign, explaining its current impact and how it can be further improved. Additionally, we can complement your SEO in Nottingham with several other web marketing campaigns, such as Pay-Per-Click advertising, remarketing and display advertising.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help with creating a great SEO structure and vibrant, high-ranking content that will help to improve the position of your website in a Google search on all devices, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

Give us a call on 0118 380 1002 or send an e-mail to us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.