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Stay Connected With Your Customers Using Social Media

Posted in Social Media by Promote Agency

In the current climate of social distancing, it's more important than ever to use social media. So, what's the best way that your business can use social media to keep your community together through virtual means; what's the key to using social media for business?

Stay Connected With Your Customers Using Social Media; 3 Tips for Social Media As A Business

Give Your Customers Something To Share

Social media isn't just about sticking a “share this" button on your pages, because let's say for argument's sake somebody actually clicks the share button, what reason do their social media friends have to click on the link from the share? Instead, don't ask people to share your content and call it a day, you instead need to give them a clear reason to share the content. Create content that makes them want to share it with their friends and family.

Similarly, this also means you need to give your customers a reason to follow you on your social media accounts. It doesn't have to be complicated for example, if you are a retail business with both instore and eCommerce sales, if a customer has an issue with a laptop, they could return to store for some advice. However, with many stores closing their doors during social distancing, online is the only option. So, this is a great opportunity to include secondary Call To Actions informing customers that they can receive support for their items by messaging the business' social media accounts.

Realise That Social Media Is Your Key To Interacting With Your Customers

In many ways, social media is the new town square, so it's vital that you communicate with your customer there. Especially given the current economic and societal climate and social distancing. However, this is a superb opportunity to reach out to your customers, especially if you are a business that operates many events, or has a strong community of loyal customers. For example, the retail business and club Fanboy3 in Manchester has had to temporarily close its doors, however instead of turning away from the passionate community built around this store, they have turned to the social media app Discord to create a virtual community, so that whilst people cannot meet at the physical location, people can still 'gather' in the digital community.

Respond Quickly

If you're going to use social media, it is of the upmost importance that you do not leave any customers waiting. People who reach out to you or share concerns need to know that they are being listened to and taken seriously. Failure to address a simple concern could see annoyance turn to anger and spread across social media.

However, responding quickly doesn't mean leave social media to robots. Whilst bots can be very useful, it's essential that this bot does not replace human interaction. An example of a good use of bots is to help the customer speak to the correct department, or assist them with filling out a contact form. This shows the customer you care about the problem, and then when they later speak to a member of staff, it provides the employee with the information needed to swiftly resolve the issue.

Powerful Digital Marketing Service From Promote

We understand that not every business has the ability to hire a marketing department to run social media campaigns. However, there's no reason why your business should miss out on the opportunity to interact with your customer base and reach new audiences. That's where Promote can help.

Here at Promote, we are proud to say that we work with our clients to increase your team's understanding of the various components that make up a digital marketing solution. Our social media management team will help your company to attract and reach out to thousands of new customers and potential brand ambassadors online. With experienced social media marketing, you will be able to attract more clicks, increase your sales and drastically improve your online reputation.

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