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Taking A New Approach To Brand Awareness With Holistic Marketing

Posted in Adaptive Marketing by Andy Keyte

There are hundreds of terms for various methods of advertising and marketing a product/service/brand to the potential customer. These include the widely-known B2B, B2C and guerrilla marketing strategies to the more obscure internal, long-tail and shadow marketing. However, every style of marketing has advantages and disadvantages when compared to its siblings.

The only way to offer a comprehensive marketing solution is to take advantage of holistic marketing strategies, such as those we here at Promote specialise in.

So What Is Holistic Marketing?

Holistic marketing should not be thought of as just another form of marketing. Instead, consider it an entirely new way of looking at the average business, its marketing strategies and the way those strategies interact with each other, the brand identity and the customer as a whole.

Holistic marketing could be defined as a concept which is based on the business, rather than any specific goal or department. It recognises that every component, outlet and avenue of interaction matters when creating an engaging and uniform advertising strategy which is necessary to attain the best solution.

The Benefits Of Holistic Marketing

  • Streamlines – An inclusive marketing style works to streamline and optimise all channels of communication for consistently integrated marketing strategies. These can help to improve communication across the entirety of your business.

  • Manages – A holistic approach is effective in managing projects across multiple marketing channels, giving a reliable, synergetic experience to all customers across all platforms.

  • Unites – Uniting services and departments to offer increasingly personalised packages and advertisements towards a specific subset of potential customers, an enhanced utilisation of resources and a more even spread of responsibilities is just one advantage of this new marketing concept.

Brand Awareness & Holistic Marketing

Holistic marketing is about creating and developing completely integrated, seamless strategies which consider the entire life cycle of a brand, crossing departmental borders within your organisation and bringing your marketing efforts, your employees and your customers closer together.

Often referred to as 360 degree marketing, this advertising concept takes in every single element of a business which the customer does not see. It is subsequently combined it with customer-facing presentation, such as traditional, digital and social channels, to create strong, consistent and powerful multi-platform marketing narratives.

The holistic approach makes the most of the varying components of the business and brings them together to create efficient and consistent marketing presentations. These not only help to reinforce the brand through their uniformity, but also to market the brand's 'big picture' rather than a specific product or service.

Varying points of customer interaction are seamlessly intertwined, the entire marketing process is streamlined and resources are directed to where they are most likely to be effective.

Holistic Strategies As Part Of Adaptive Marketing Solutions From Promote

Here at Promote, we believe that the integration and adaptation of current marketing strategies into a singular marketing concept is the way forward. The only way smaller businesses are going to be able to contend with huge, previously established businesses, is if they take advantage of such strategies. In turn, the only way larger businesses will be able to keep ahead of these smaller businesses is if they, too, make the most of adaptive holistic campaigns.

For more information, or to discover just what our incredible holistic marketing solutions can do to improve your business' online presence as well as its overall brand identity, call Promote on 0118 380 1002, visit our website or email our helpful and friendly support team at!