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The Great Benefits of PPC Services

Posted in Pay Per Click (PPC) by Promote Agency

Attempting to establish (and then make a success of) your online business may prove to be a difficult prospect. With so many similar services already out there, how can you capture the attention of interested browsers? The thing about the internet providing a vast marketplace is that despite the competition, it will always have room for new and innovative businesses to promote themselves. This is something that PPC services can help greatly with.

PPC Services – A Quick Entry Into The Competitive Online Marketplace

Being an online advertising model that requires the business to literally Pay-Per-Click, PPC offers the ideal solution in drawing traffic to a page of a website. Placing a link to your targeted page with accompanying text, at the side or on the top of a keyword Google search, it provides the ultimate visibility. Instead of paying for advertising space that just displays the advert in the hope of it being clicked, PPC offers a more effective way of getting those all-important clicks – getting the most out of your marketing budget.

PPC services are seen as the most effective short-term solution in driving traffic to a website – if you can get a person to the intended destination, then that is a success. You'll normally see PPC used by companies who are wanting to establish their services to a new audience, if they've got a new product or service out, or if they're looking to take advantage of a particular date or calendar event. The rest is all up to how well your website is optimised and if the products/services provide what the browser is looking for. If you can provide that attractive destination that will close a sale, well-optimised PPC ads are worth their weight in gold.

The Benefits Of Advertising Online With PPC

PPC is able to have a massive, positive impact on your online business – here, we'll look at the different aspects that make implementing PPC services for your website, an absolute must:

  • Helps To Achieve Your Goals. The main reason for employing PPC is, of course, to meet your expected targets and goals when it comes to traffic, conversions and sales. Whether you want to expose your brand to a new audience and/or drive an increased level of sales during a certain period of time – whatever your goals are, PPC provides a great tool to use in achieving them.
  • PPC Campaigns Can Be Measured Effectively. One great aspect of running a PPC campaign through Google's AdWords is that it can be easily measured and tracked; giving you an insight into how the campaign is performing and where it can be improved. Some of the performance data Google Analytics is able to display includes data on impressions, clicks and conversions. It simply provides a much clearer picture of how the campaign is performing. With other marketing methods, the performance picture won't be as clear, leaving you unable to effectively measure how well your campaign is performing, not knowing if it is indeed, value for money.
  • Establish Yourself Quickly. No matter how far behind your competitors you seem to be, PPC services can help your business to get up, running and established extremely quickly. In comparison to SEO, which is designed as a more organic, long-term process in gaining recognition from a search engine, a PPC ad can get you to the top of a search in no time at all. In comparison to other marketing channels – such as e-mail marketing and social media – PPC ads are able to quickly target a fresh audience, outside those who are already aware of your brand or may subscribe to e-mails or follow you on social media
  • You Have Control. With other types of advertising campaigns, costs can spiral; especially when you have no understanding or control over how the campaign is running. The beauty of using PPC services is that you have a say in how the campaign is ran from beginning to end. You can specify which keywords or locations to target, you can choose where the ad is placed – you can even select a flexible budget in regards to how the campaign is performing. As an example – if you want to start off small, just to test the waters so to speak, your first few ads can operate on a small budget. If you see progress, then the budget can be increased over time. You can change, edit, pause or stop your ads at any time you wish – again, showing the flexibility that having control brings, providing you with the best value for money when it comes to online advertising.
  • Compliments Other Marketing Methods. Taking a holistic approach – the process of combining different aspects that help to achieve the same goal and finding the right balance – is almost always the best way in which to approach anything life. Whilst PPC can quickly establish your website and the brand it represents with a new audience, having a structure in place that looks at the long-term is always advisable too. PPC is able to work well alongside SEO, as the traffic you're targeting will be using keywords that you can use in both campaigns. By using AdWords to monitor your PPC, it can provide a great insight and direction in which you should take your SEO too. The same applies to the organic (not paid for, through ads) traffic that SEO provides – this can be used in your PPC campaign, to target the specific audiences who visit your site through SEO, that you need to reach via PPC too.

PPC Advice From The Experts – Promote Agency.

Now that you're aware of some of the benefits provided by PPC services – are you ready to undertake your campaign? If not, then it's always advisable to get in touch with digital marketing experts who are able to guide you through the process, or if time is a factor in your busy business life, undertake the campaign for you.

Here at Promote Agency, we are vastly experienced digital marketers with many years of experience in undertaking a wide away of online advertising training and campaigns for businesses of various sizes. Being a qualified Google AdWords company, we are able to take you through each and every aspect of PPC, displaying how to undertake a campaign that will lead to an increased amount of traffic, generating more leads for your business. Alternatively, we can undertake the campaign for you – bestowing our expertise to help you to reach a vast, untapped audience.

Need More Information On PPC? Contact Promote Today.

If you would like more information on our PPC services or on any other aspect of digital marketing, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 0118 380 1002 or alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at