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The New AdWords Interface – Is Your Google Ad Words Management Ready?

Posted in Google News by Promote Agency

Throughout the first half of 2018, Google are gradually rolling out a new interface for their AdWords platform for all users. For those who rely on Google Ad Words management to undertake their advertisement campaigns, the news of a new interface has led to questions about its features, reporting and functionality. In this blog, we're going to look at the new interface in more detail and explain how it may help to make the experience of undertaking an AdWords campaign, easier.

Google Ad Words Management: What Are The Changes?

First announced in 2016, the changes were made in order to better meet the ever-growing mobile audience, which during 2016, saw more people worldwide access the web from mobiles than from traditional desktops for the first time ever. With the continued innovation of mobile devices showing no signs of slowing, it isn't a stretch to predict that this trend will continue in the coming years. This means that it's simply crucial for eCommerce traders to boast a responsive website for all of its users.

In their 'Inside AdWords' blog, published last year, Google highlighted a number of key changes that they've made to the interface. The first is it allows the user to get more done, faster – the account pages are 20% faster on average, giving everyone access to the information they need, more quickly. Secondly, they have removed the 'clutter' and simplified the navigation process in order to allow users to complete more tasks, in less time – such as adding multiple ad extensions to their campaigns in a much easier way.

With easy access to key insights offered by the new Google Ad Words management experience, users will be able to take immediate action with their campaigns, ultimately driving better results. The new interface also helps to enhance existing AdWords tools, such as call bid adjustments and the 'Landing pages' page whose function will be much improved with the speed offered by the new interface.

Data Visualisation Improvements In More Detail

With the new Google Ad Words management interface, it's important to note that the redesign will not affect the way current ad campaigns are structured or run. The focus of the update is simply centred on the way the data is displayed and what is shown, and when – potentially making for a better, more understandable user experience.

Here are the improvements to AdWords' data visualisation:

  • Day Reporting. A prime example of the more clearer reporting of the new interface is through the day & hour card that allows users to monitor how their campaigns are performing by the hour, day or by day and Previously, this process took up much time but this new option makes it much easier for the user to compare different days and hours, in regards to how their conversions are performing. For example – if Friday 5pm constantly outperforms Friday 9am, it makes sense to increase the budget on what is clearly the better-performing period of the day.

  • Device Reporting. The new interface also makes it easier for the user to understand how their campaigns are performing across all devices, for three different metrics at any one time. In a similar manner to how the day reporting works, this gives the user an opportunity to better understand which devices are accessing their ads the most, giving them the scope to shape their future campaigns towards those particular devices.

  • Ad Scheduling. Other visualisations, away from the general overview of how the campaigns are performing, have also been vastly improved. In the previous version of the interface, the ad scheduling option did not show the campaign performance metrics by day – this is something that has been rectified in the new version. Now, users are able to view a chart that depicts the ad schedule and its performance metrics, that have been broken down by the day.

With the new interface making Google Ad Words management easier, this gives experienced users the opportunity to improve their campaigns, potentially heightening the impact of their ad, drawing in a larger, more refined audience. If you're the owner of a website that is looking to take advantage of the benefits of Google AdWords, why not get in touch with us here at Promote Agency?

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