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Top 5 Reasons Why Social Media Management Works

Posted in Social Media by Promote Agency

You can't help but to have noticed the influence that social media has on our world. Whether it's giving the ability for people to keep up with friends or the capacity for news agencies to convey reports quickly for individuals to discuss them – there's no doubting that it has changed the way we communicate. Another area that is proving to be popular is social media management and marketing, which gives any type and size of business the opportunity to advertise to this vast audience.

Using Social Media Management To Advertise.

It's understandable if a business feels a little hesitant in thinking that social media management is the way forward in promoting their products/services. It is, after all, a relatively recent innovation – we are all still familiar with marketing media such as print adverts, television and radio etc. As more people shift to consume content on online platforms, the need for any forward-thinking business to be able to broadcast to them is an absolute must. Aside from that growing audience, the great benefit of social media over the other traditional marketing methods is that its impact can be measured. This gives the business owner an insight into the effectiveness of their campaign, see which areas are working, which are not – and what needs to be changed. This will help to better shape their marketing campaigns, helping them to reach a new and interested audience.

Why Using Social Media Works For Your Business.

Of course, there are more elaborate reasons as to why a business should be using social media to promote their products/services – if you are looking to improve your marketing reach, here are the top 5 reasons why social media management will work for your business:

  • Gives Easy Access To A Worldwide Audience. Just think about it for a second; in just a few clicks, anyone can find the information or service they want (and need) from a plethora of different social media sites; from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest or LinkedIn. Whether they're keeping up with the latest news, conversing with friends, shopping or looking for a new job – there is no end to the capabilities of a social media service. This makes a worldwide audience of hundreds of millions, maybe even billions of people, easily accessible for any business.

  • Advertise, Yet Be Social. Traditionally, many people think of a business or service as being formal and just somewhere from which they would purchase goods and move on. Today, thanks to social media, a business is able to show their 'human side' by interacting with their customers, being friendly and even displaying their knowledge of their industry, giving interested people reassurance in going with their products/services. This humanising of the business would help to create a brand relationship with people – making them feel part of what the business is ultimately advertising. This is the key in helping to retain their loyalty to the brand.

  • Live Customer Support. Building those communication bridges is what social media management does best, which also makes it ideal to offer customer support with. It's become expected for any eCommerce business to have an instant line of communication with their customers and being able to offer the right level assistance will play into the business being seen as a trustworthy service. Any issues that may crop up can also be addressed swiftly, again shining a positive light upon the business.

  • Scope For Development. Able to be served by the instant nature of customer service – the customers can also serve the business too, by helping them to better shape their products/services. Just by monitoring consumer-related issues and what people are talking about and looking for, a business is able to come to a conclusion on what they should be offering, in order to up the number of their sales. Attaining this research would have previously been an expensive and time-consuming exercise to undertake, what with the business having to undertake focus groups or give out surveys (which have no guarantee of being filled in) and so on.

  • Keep An Eye On The Competition. Being a vast marketplace from which to trade from, it's no real surprise that you'll have to battle against competition in the bid to win business. Whether it's them launching new products or how they interact with people – there is much to learn from tracking your competitors. Keeping up with them, is an obvious must – you cannot get ahead if you're already trailing them. Using social media will give you a great opportunity to follow your competitors, as well as gain an understanding of the methods that they use to promote their own services. Armed with this vital information, you can shape it to serve your business, perhaps even adding on elements that would put you ahead of your competitors in the race to attract the attentions of the passing customer base.

Social Media Management, From Promote Agency.

If you're looking to either start or improve your presence on social media, in order to increase business – why not get in touch with the experts? Here at Promote Agency, we are an innovative digital marketing agency that has worked with many different business types over the years – from small start-ups that are looking to make an impression on the eCommerce market, to established firms, looking to re-imagine their marketing methods.

We are able to offer training and support for your staff on the intricacies of the many different social media platforms, or we can even undertake them for you – saving you the time and the large costs in doing it yourself. With so many benefits to be gained from social media, being able to carve out a presence through a well-prepared advertising campaign can be the difference in your business bringing in the conversion rates that it deserves.

Contact Promote Today For More Information on Social Media Marketing.

If you would like further information on our social media management services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 0118 380 1002, or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at