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Top SEO trends for summer 2022: Is your website on brand right now?

Posted in Search Engine Optimisation by Promote

As we move into the second quarter of 2022, what SEO trendsare fast emerging? Which search engine optimisation techniques are the toprankers using to get their noses in front in the race to gain thoseall-important clicks? Whether it's title tags,secondary keywords, meta descriptions or friendly URLs, there is alwayssomething you can do to improve your website's ranking in search engines.

To be successful in today's online world, you need astrategy that is up-to date and fits your needs. As such, the digital marketingSEO team here at Promote has put together the best tips for improving your SEO throughout2022 – read on to learn more about them, including how you could incorporatethem into your own firm's strategy going forwards.

Top SEO Trends in 2022

No More Than 60 Characters In Your Title Tags

Google does not specify a recommended length for title tags,but most desktop and mobile browsers are able to display the first 50–60characters of your titles. If you keep them under 60 letters though (which ispossible with some clever formatting), then research has suggested that 90%will show up in search engine results pages.

When writing concise titles, it is important to make surethat they are easy for humans as well as search engines. The SERPs (Google SearchEngine Results Page) can usually display up until 600 pixels wide;however, if your page exceeds this limit then some of the text will not show onscreen, whether or not you want them displayed at all times during crawling (eventhough these titles do play an integral role when ranking pages highly byGoogle's algorithm!)

Your Second Keyword Should Be Your Company Name

Brand recognition is everything in modern business – andit's great for SEO too. By using the name of your company as a secondarykeyword, you'll be associating it with whatever you have to sell. A page thathas a good SEO framework will be telling search engines that [company name] isrelated to the primary keyword it's searching for so therefore, the page islikely to be ranked higher.

It should also be noted that branding your company isn'tjust great to create an image that will inspire people to buy into what you'reselling, it can also make use of SEO to attract them in the first place. Youshould think about incorporating the secondary keyword into the name of yourcompany – something that people are actually typing into Google.

Meta Descriptions – Tells Others Why They Should Click

Meta tags are short sentences that provide more informationabout your website and its content to search engines.They are an important way for websites to communicate with search engines,helping them to organise their listing in a way that would be helpful to users.Together with a good ranking, a well-written metadescription can help to increase the click-through rate by telling the user whythey should click. It's easy to see why this is amongst the trendiest ofSEO trends!

When a user searches for keywords, the sites that have beenoptimised well will see their meta titles anddescriptions appear in bold. This helps the user to determine which site ismost relevant to their needs at first glance by displaying its title ordescription alongside those of other potential candidates who may also fit thesame criteria but lack any additional indication about how popular they mightbe based on rankings alone.

Search engines will display a limited number of pixels fromeach meta tag; for the titles, this is 600, so between55 and 70 characters. So, when writing the reason why the user should click(along with the keyboard), you should write them between those numbers toensure the entirety of the text is visible on both mobile and desktop.

Have A Friendly URL – Make It Clickable

One of the best SEO trends is URLs – and their use as apowerful tool for achieving SEO success. On the face of it, they may seem lessimportant than the title and heading elements, but URLs have been shown tocontribute positively towards ranking in search engine by providing additionalinformation about your site's content which could help users find what they'relooking for more quickly, thus increasing their chances of clicking on one.

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