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What Are The Benefits of A Company Page On LinkedIn?

Posted in Social Media by Promote

Having a company page on LinkedIn is agreat way to network and gather sales leads – but it also allows you toestablish your firm's public image as a reputable and trustworthy organisation.

Many people view LinkedIn as a site for job hunting and forgrowing a professional network but it's equally effective for businesses to useto generate leads and grow referral relationships.

The advantages of using a LinkedIn company page is that itprovides your business with an opportunity to tell your company's story, engagewith followers, scale word-of-mouth marketing and share career opportunities. Ifyou want to encourage your audience to contact your company and perceive it asa trusted resource you need to create a LinkedIn company page that isinformative, error-free and well-managed.

In this blog, we're going to discuss the benefits of havinga LinkedIn page for your business – and where you can find additional supportto create a presence.

The Benefits of Having A LinkedIn Page For Your Business

Helps you to create shareable content.

By creating content that your viewers want to see and share,they will become engaged with your company and will help expand your reach andaudience. LinkedIn allows you to vary up your content in several differentformats, such as SlideShare business presentations, blogs, infographics,webinars and even podcasts and videos – so you should take advantage of them toreach as many people and tastes as possible.

Introduces new services or products you've developed.

A LinkedIn company page is a great way to introduce any newservices and products you've developed and explain how they can help customersachieve their goals and meet their business needs. You can also provide linksto content on your website to allow readers to easily find more information andconvert traffic into genuine business leads.

Separates you from your competitors.

You can use the company description provided on LinkedIn toemphasize how you stand out from your competitors. You should include thelatest news from your company and share information about its culture to reachpotential new employees and express the values, mission and vision of yourbusiness.

Connects you to job candidates who can make a great contribution to yourbusiness.

The great way LinkedIn organises information works well forcompanies and potential employees alike. Personal profiles reveal valuableinformation about people seeking jobs at your company, including theirstability, successful accomplishments, and their passion for their trade. Byusing LinkedIn, a business can identify the right types of people that willmake a genuine contribution to their ongoing success.

Provides an insight into what your competitors are doing.

LinkedIn is a great tool to monitor the latest changes inyour industry and track what your competitors are doing. This gives you themeans to not only keep pace with what's going on but gives you the ability tohone a unique angle on what you have to offer too. As a social media site,LinkedIn can help you to identify the content strategies of other companies andallow you to identify trends and opportunities for talent acquisition andgrowth.

Improves your search engine rankings.

Google rates LinkedIn pages highly as trusted information,therefore they tend to rank them highly in a search engine's results page. Thisis another reason, beyond offering information to browsers, that you should addupdates to your company pages and optimise posts for SEO to improve itsperformance in a Google keyword search. With all this in place, an optimisedLinkedIn page can offer a highly effective gateway for your company website toreceive an increase in visitor traffic.

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