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Why Loading Speeds Need To Meet Google’s Algorithm Change

Posted in Search Engine Optimisation by Promote

Every single day, billions of search queries are made on all manner of devices. The vast majority of these searches are undertaken on Google, which is precisely why having a presence on the first couple of pages of a Google search offers a vital advertisement tool for a modern, forward-thinking business. Typically, the vast majority of search engine users won't actually traverse through multiple pages of results, so ensuring that their business is on page 1 of a keyword search, by hiring a digital marketing agency, is a quest that all businesses should be going on, in order to improve their online reach.

Google's Algorithm Change.

Recently, the web team behind Google have indicated that the search engine's algorithm will change to take into account the mobile loading speeds of pages when it comes to the ranking of a website in their search results. The quicker a page loads, the better – the slower one loads, the less likely it will be to rank highly. Classically, parameters such as the usage of keywords in titles, meta descriptions and the content itself have been measured by Google's algorithm when it ranks a website. Following the upturn in users who now browse the internet on mobile devices, the need for high-speed page loading has become paramount for mobile users who typically browse whilst they are on the go. As they offer the world's largest directory service, this is something that Google have taken into account and are now incorporating into their search engine algorithm.

The Importance of Maintaining A Fast Loading Speed.

The news that loading speeds have an effect on the ranking of a page in Goole has driven home the importance of producing (and maintaining) a fast loading speed for webmasters. A major aspect of maintaining a rapid loading speed is being able to meet a user's expectations. We've all been there; finding what seems an interesting service or piece of information but the website we click on takes an absolute age to load (if it does load) or its formatting doesn't suit the device that it's being displayed on. According to research , a typical internet user will only wait for a few seconds before deciding to click elsewhere. Other related statistics include:

  • Three-quarters of users will abandon a website if it takes more than a few seconds to load.
  • Almost 60% of users have experienced issues when loading a mobile site.
  • Nearly half of users would never return to a site that performed poorly.

How A Digital Agency Can Help To Improve The Effectiveness of A Website.

All businesses work very hard to produce an high-quality of products and services, but after so much time and energy has been spent in producing them, how can they promote themselves effectively in such a crowded marketplace?

As we've covered, getting the loading speed down is just one of a number of aspects that can help to get a website ranked highly in a search engine. Other methods that can be implemented include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click , branding, e-mail marketing and social media management . All of these methods are used to market the business, its services and products. With advertising and marketing being a vast topic that is constantly moving and fast-changing as new algorithms and digital platforms emerge, it's vitally important for websites to stay one step ahead, so their services won't fall behind in the marketing race.

If you run your own business online, here are three ways in which a digital marketing agency can help you to improve the loading speeds and optimisation of your website:

1. Taking a comprehensive approach to ensure effective content distribution . With a business to concentrate on, time is already a scarce commodity for most businesses. With advertising tactics to implement, which includes using social media accounts, blogs to write, press releases to sendout...the list of tasks is endless; sadly, the time we have isn't. A digital marketing agency can develop a long-term plan that will be designed to raise the rankings of a website and do all of the advertising work, so you can concentrate solely on your businesses.

2. Creating content to drive engagement. With more people than ever accessing information via social media, the importance of creating an online community around a brand has never been as vital. The aspects of this include; engaging with followers, posting updates with new and interesting content, sending out e-mail newsletters and providing a website that is user-friendly on all devices. Similar to taking acomprehensive approach to your marketing, the first issue that arises is where will you find the time to do all of that? That's even before you think about the intricacies of how you can achieve a perfect online market strategy by creating a community. Being experts in their field, a digital agency can undertake all of those tasks, even writing articles and creating infographics that make the content more authoritative and shareable – gaining more clicks and attention for the website from people interested in what your business has to offer them.

3. In-depth, technical know-how. Marketing agencies are able to help businesses achieve their desired rankings by optimising their content and implementing specialist SEO strategies. SEO remains a vital aspect of digital marketing because it ensures the effective distribution of content, making it easier for users to find the information that they need about any aspect of the businesses' products or services. A marketing agency can work with a business to put in place a comprehensive SEO content creation plan to increase brand awareness, driving audience engagement through social media and generally improving the presence of a website on a search engine.

Choose Promote today for a cost-effective, long-term e-marketing campaign.

Here at Promote, we are a specialist digital marketing agency that is dedicated to assisting all manner of online business to achieve the Google rankings that they desire. Our services include the implementation of long-term e-commerce marketing tactics such as SEO and PPC, as well as social media management.

With a vast experience and many successful projects undertaken for business large and small, we are able to help you to achieve the load speeds and conversions that you desire. For more information on how we can help to improve your presence in a search engine's rankings, please contact us on 0118 380 1002 or send us an e-mail at