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Local SEO: Why is it so great?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a fantastic online marketing tool. With it you can increase your rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. With SEO you can market directly to certain search queries, but how do you market towards local customers? The answer is simple, Local SEO

Local SEO allows local businesses to make the most out of their search engine marketing by focusing their efforts on a geographic location. This can benefit many businesses regardless of their size or area of expertise. Local SEO can benefit small businesses that for example operate within a 10-20 mile radius by helping them focus on customers within their locality. It can also help large businesses who operate nationwide by assisting them in increasing traffic from specific areas of the country.

How Does Local SEO Work?

A skilled digital marketing agency will do two key things in order to boost your local rankings.

1. Research and use the correct local keywords

2. Write effective and appropriate content for your business


Perhaps one of the most important phases of any SEO content. The research process is the foundation of any SEO campaign, without the correct keywords, you're fishing with the wrong bait.

Our team of SEO experts have the skills and knowledge needed to both identify and advise you on the correct keywords that will yield the best results. When deciding keywords it's very useful to imagine yourself in the position of a potential customer using a search engine. It's likely that they are using a mobile device, and it's also likely that they have searched for business local to them. By considering what potential customers will be searching, we can reverse engineer this process and create content based upon these searches, in order to boost your rankings in search engine results pages.

There are obviously some exceptions where people would be searching for areas not in their local area, such as people travelling; however local SEO still proves useful in this scenario as it allows you to attract visiting tourists as well as local customers.

Effective And Appropriate Content

You can't just write a flurry of keywords over and over and expect to rank highly in search engines. This 'technique' is known as keyword stuffing and is a part of a group of unadvised practices known as Black Hat SEO which could result in you receiving a penalty from search engines, resulting in you not ranking highly in the future.

In order to rank highly and remain there, you must create appropriate content. Bots, known as spiders travel across the World Wide Web and analyse your content. If they deem it appropriate, relevant and useful information to the search query it will rank high.

Our talented copywriters will use their skills to create effective content that will in time provide you with a high ranking website. SEO is a marathon not a sprint; It may not deliver instantaneous results like other marketing solutions such as Pay Per Click advertising (PPC); however the upside is that your clicks remain free. Local SEO works extremely well combined with PPC advertising providing you with the instantaneous presence of PPC whilst local SEO steadily pushes you further and further up the search engine results until you reach page one.

Search engines like Google understand that users do not want to be presented with irrelevant content; as such relevancy is a heavily considered factor in the search results. For example, if you own a fancy dress costume shop, we could write blogs and articles about Halloween and various other fancy dress holidays/traditions in order to boost your ranking. In order to boost your local rankings, we can write blogs and articles about local fancy dress events in areas where you want to see an increase in traffic.

How Does Local SEO Work In The Real World?

Imagine you own a restaurant that cooks Italian style food. A potential customer is looking for the perfect restaurant to visit with a group of friends. They take out their phone and search for “Italian restaurants in [their local city]". By using Local SEO, you will increase your rankings their results, increasing the likelihood that you they will click on your business's webpage.

Most searches are from mobile; this means people are likely on the move whilst searching. As such it's no surprise that 76% of local searches from Smartphones result in a visit/purchase within a day. For this reason, we highly recommend that your website is responsive. If you are unsure if your website is responsive or not. Google released this free tool tell you if your website will run on a mobile device or not.

Professional Local Search Engine Optimisation From Promote

Every business is looking for ways to attract new customers. Local SEO is a fantastic way to market your products/services towards a geographic location. At Promote we have a large amount of information available on various digital marketing techniques, in order to help businesses understand the world of search engine marketing.

In our digital age the benefits of ranking highly in search engine results are too great to ignore. With the assistance of our skilled copywriters, we can provide you with those benefits.

We have over 10 years of experience helping dozens of businesses reach the first page in search engine results pages and can do the same for you.

If you'd like to discuss local SEO with our team you can reach them on 0845 050 2500 and if you'd like to visit us and discuss local SEO in person, please call and arrange and appointment. Alternatively you could contact us through Twitter by tweeting to us at @promote_agency


“We’ve worked with Promote for over 2 years now and are so happy with their work that we have recently asked them to provide SEO for one of our sister companies. They have always provided us with great results and are always available with useful tips and advice.”

- David, Compilation Ltd -

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