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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital to any company be it online or bricks-and-mortar and regardless of whether it's located in Dungannon, a neighbouring vicinity or beyond. If you're not visible on Google, Bing and Yahoo! then your company simply can't compete in today's digital economy. The first port of call for any potential buyer looking for any product or service is a search engine query and if your presence is not optimised you'll be missing out on enquiries and potential future customers. Promote Agency can help with your organic rankings both nationally and locally. We have a vast array of technical knowledge and can recommend the best approach to help give your rankings a boost and get you onto Page 1 of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

SEO Dungannon showing your company in the Map Pack

Local SEO services for Dungannon

If you want to target your product or service by locality, for example in Dungannon or further afield such as Dungannon or even Northern Ireland Promote will help you focus your online marketing efforts into local SEO with the aim of getting your business ranking in what is affectionately known as the "Map Pack". It is crucial to target the correct keyword phrases that buying traffic, not browsers, are searching for; why? well simply put rankings mean nothing without conversion. The correct way to go about any SEO starts with undertaking keyword research and not guessing what people may type in. At Promote we use a range of tools including Google's own Keyword Planner Tool to calculate keyword efficiency - the number of searches as a percentage of the total amount of competing (or indexed) web pages. We will then optimise your on-page HTML mark-up to ensure it makes sense semantically and clearly describes what it is you do.

SEO Tips for Local Search

The truth is local SEO is very straightforward to implement and your competitors are almost certainly not doing it correctly. With this in mind here's a some simple tips for any Dungannon based business:

  • Ensure you have a physical address in Dungannon because you'll need be able to validate your details with Google
  • Setup your Google My Business (GMB) account with as much information as possible and get it owner verified
  • Clearly display any NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) data on your site and ensure it matches GMB
  • Implement a Google Map or similar showing users where your business is located, opening times and directions
  • Give each product or service its own dedicated landing page with unique, relevant and quality content
  • Use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing ) techniques within the copy of the text
  • Add relevant helpful outbound links, ideally local e.g. Dungannon based if possible to encourage others to inbound link from diverse domains
  • Check the usual "On-Page" SEO factors for relevancy; titles, headings and link text etc..

SEO Services and Search Engine Optimisation Audit

No two websites are the same and before undertaking any search engine optimisation we will analyse your website and find the issues that need correcting to help your business grow. Elements we check include the following:

  • W3C validation - is the code syntax correct
  • Semantics of the HTML - correct use of titles, heading, paragraphs and other tags
  • Responsiveness - is your website responsive, how will if fair across multiple devices like mobile and tablet
  • Site Content - relevancy, usefulness, is it spammy? will people want to share your content?
  • Content Marketing - Blogging, Outreach and User Generated Content, Copywriting
  • Google My Business - review of local SEO profile for Dungannon and the surrounding areas
  • Google Analytics - review of current traffic sources, bounce rates, mobile device usage
  • Conversion Tracking - definition of funnels, goals and correct recording of metrics for conversions
  • CRO - is the site optimised for conversion according to best practices and user experience?
  • Site Performance - load time, page speed, minification and externalisation of scripts and other web page assets
  • Links - analysis of back link profile, link building
  • Penalty removal - disavowing harmful or pointless bad links

Organic (SEO) and Paid (PPC) Search Experts for Dungannon and beyond

Search Engine Optimisation is of course a long term strategy that no agency can guarantee, however Promote have an impeccable track record at achieving first page rankings for clients and their chosen keyword phrases so we consider ourselves to be the next best thing.

SEO is also only part of a wider holistic marketing approach. Promote would recommend other services where appropriate such as PPC (pay Per Click) advertising, Display Ads and Remarketing, Social Media Management, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation), Training Courses and Website Design and Development. All of these compliment SEO. In some cases we may advise not to undertake any SEO work in the event the website requires a re-design; after all why would you want to invest any money in promoting your website if the user is simply not going to take any action once they land on a chosen landing page? At Promote we will give you tough love and help advise the best approach to maximising ROI (Return on Investment) from your website or e-commerce solution.

We have over 10 years of experience helping dozens of businesses reach the first page in search engine results pages and can do the same for you. We work with startups through to global brands and have delivered some amazing SEO results. It doesn't matter how big or small your organisation is; choose Promote as your SEO company in Dungannon and Dungannon

If you'd like to discuss your online marketing requirements with our team you can reach them on 0118 380 1002 and if you'd like to visit us and discuss SEO in person, please call and arrange and appointment.

“Having tried several SEO companies in the past and been disappointed, it was refreshing to discover Promote, who actually know how to effectively deliver results. My villa website now ranks on page one of Google for 4 of my 5 phrases, and I have been receiving bookings without having to do any other marketing whatsoever!”

- Robert, Villa Anna -