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Top 10 Social Media Tips

Over the past year, social media marketing has exploded with every company under the sun joining a variety of different networks to gain relevant traffic. But with so many companies vying for the business, what do you need to do to compete. Below are 10 tips to help you with your social media campaign.

1. Get your company username

This seems like a relatively obvious point but your username should be your company name. A good idea is to sign up to as many of the social media networks as possible to ensure that you get your company before anyone else does. At the end of the day, it's free to sign up.

2. Interact with your users

Social media is useless if you're not going to be social and interact with your fans and followers. Respond to what they are talking about and get involved in any question they pose.

3. Make your posts interesting

Boring posts will ruin your company's ability to attract more users and generate interest in your business. Posting about any current offers you have or any interesting blogs that you have written will hopefully draw people in.

4. Make your home pages stand out

Some social media websites, such as Twitter, give you the option to create your own background to personalise the page. Make sure your brand identity is well presented on these pages and make sure users instantly know it is your company when they visit.

5. Don't say anything you'll regret

Make sure the comments and information you post reflects well on the company and don't post something that you regret. Often what you post will stay on the site for all to view and won't go away so be careful what you type!

6. Give users an incentive to join

If you want lots of fans and followers on your social media site then you will need to give them an incentive to join. By posting exclusive vouchers codes and other offers on these social media sites will keep them visiting regularly.

7. Keep it up to date

There's nothing worse than viewing a social media page that hasn't been updated in months as it shows that you're uninterested and not worth doing. Posting about topical events can keep people interested shows you know what you're doing.

8. Link back to your site

Posting a link to your site will show Google that you want to share your information and knowledge with others on the internet, which is fondly looked upon.

9. Don't add to many add-ons

Widgets and other add-ons can bring your page to life by too many widgets and users will be put off and not sure where to look.

10. Post about your blogs

Your blogs can act as a great way of focusing your attention on what to talk about on each post and you can put a link to the blog to get more users onto the site.

Social media has the potential to generate some excellent relevant traffic to your site if you have the correct plan in place and the resources to push the campaign forward. Promote.Agency have been creating successful social media campaigns for many clients who haven't got the time, resources or techniques to implement a successful social media campaign. Find out more about how Promote.Agency can help your social media strategy by contacting them directly on 0118 380 1002.

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