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Yakult Case Study

One of our biggest clients, Yakult came to Promote with one request. “We'd like to improve organic traffic to the site on non-brand related keywords."

Since the site itself was so well built in order to be easily optimised, reviewing and optimising Yakult's content was completed fairly quickly by our team. The client soon realised, however, that remaining on top of their search engine optimisation efforts was not a simple task, and they asked us to manage and dynamically adapt their SEO efforts.

Our SEO Plan

Yakult decided to change the process from a weekly consultation into a fully practical SEO Project that would involve the re-evaluation of existing keywords to ensure maximum accuracy and encourage a higher degree of conversion rates throughout the site.

Our dedicated team also managed the main content of the site, adapting the existing content (and in some cases writing completely new content) to create keyword-rich pages that ranked highly in relevant search engine results pages.

We also managed their blog roll, and posted regular entries on relevant topics to contribute to the website's user-friendliness and improve its overall relevance to the chosen keywords. Another important role that the Promote team in Yakult's marketing efforts was the optimisation of off-page content, including articles and press releases, along with innovative link-building techniques which worked to both build a stronger community and raise the overall authority of the site itself.

The Result

Yakult's online presence enjoyed more than a 100% increase in the rate of organic traffic arriving at their brochure site.

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“As part of MIO Law Firm, I have been working with members of the Promote team for over 6 months. During this time, our search rankings have gone up from page 5 to page 1 in Google’s rankings. Moreover, Promote have identified many areas of improvement for our online marketing and have proactively taken measures to implement the improvements they believe to be necessary. Promote deliver great value for their services and I would recommend them for all matters related to SEO.”

- A Odeh, Director, -