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4 Main Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Digital Marketing Training

Posted in Adaptive Marketing by Promote

For both new and established websites, it can be difficult to make sure that they can stay ahead of the latest industry trends. The internet is a digital world that is constantly evolving; full of ideas, offers and products to the point that it can be incredibly hard to stand out from the crowd.

One great way to drive visitors and engagement with your product, services and content is to make the most of the very best in digital marketing services. Digital marketing and the various forms of online advertising can offer incredible advantages to your entire online presence and can be a great way to help your business develop and grow.

Here at Promote, we are proud to offer expert-led digital marketing training, allowing you to evolve your online presence into an industry-leader through the exciting avenues of online marketing. Our team of search engine optimisation experts have many years of experience when it comes to helping websites evolve and grow their digital marketing to attract and convert a huge audience of users.

Thanks to our PPC, SEO, CRO and Email marketing training strategies, you will be able to learn the very latest strategies in digital marketing. Our specialists are able to train small groups in their own time, to ensure that you and your team and understand how essential digital marketing can be to your business and the best ways to go about:

  • Increasing Return On Investment;
  • Drive Organic & Paid Traffic;
  • Increase Conversions;
  • Promote Brand Loyalty;

Thanks to these digital marketing training services, you will be able to ensure that your eCommerce business is progressing in the right direction. You will be able to increase your profits and build your brand awareness.

What Topics Does Promote's Digital Marketing Training Cover?

Here's the thing – digital marketing training really can transform your business. You will be taught the very best techniques as part of the best overall marketing strategies. All kinds of online advertising can be an extremely difficult task for beginners, and it can be almost impossible to know where to start.

Saying that, even experienced marketers can always benefit from a refresher course to make sure they aren't relying on old, ineffective methods to drive engagement. As the industry is in a constant state of motion, techniques which would have guaranteed results only a few years ago are now obsolete.

Your team will be able to undergo complete training in all aspects of online marketing, with topics including:

Each one of these diverse types of digital marketing offers a variety of different advantages, but each one also suffers their own limitations. For the best results, you need to ensure that your business is operating under an omni-channel, omni-marketing strategy across your entire company.

Paid Advertising, With Pay-Per-Click Advertising

One of the most rewarding methods used by online businesses, this is a form of paid advertising which can provide almost immediate results. It is also a great way to get your business to the top, or in a prime position, on a search engine results page. Unlike other forms of advertising, you will only pay for the advert when it is consumed by a visitor. When someone clicks on your advert and is taken to your online presence, you will pay a fee to the search engine.

The cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount that you pay for every visitor that arrives at your site through PPC, and is determined by a range of different factors. You are able to bid for traffic for relevant keywords, and that will also depend on where your advert will appear on the page. In a way, it is like an auction, with you and your competitors all fighting for the top position. That doesn't mean that the player with the biggest marketing budget will always win, however, as you are able to get around this by following the best PPC practices.

Why Is PPC So Popular With Online Businesses?

The major advantage of PPC is that it can be extremely cost-effective, when conducted properly. With regular adverts, you are paying to make potential customers aware of your business. When it comes to paid marketing and PPC, you are paying to advertise directly to people who are already interested in products or services similar to your own. You only pay when someone directly engages with your advertisement.

Another great advantage is the fact that paid advertising is an instant form of marketing. SEO and other forms of advertising can take a while to build a presence online and to encourage an increase in online traffic at your site. With PPC, you can measure the changes in your traffic immediately. From there, you have the option to measure your conversions and monitor how effective your advertising is. This can then allow you to decide where you need to make changes to your overall marketing efforts.

What Are The Risks Of PPC Advertising?

Unfortunately, PPC can also be a fairly risky marketing strategy, particularly when undertaken with little-to-no formal digital marketing training. A poorly-constructed PPC campaign can blow through a marketing budget in an extremely short period of time. Understanding how best to operate such a strategy can be very confusing, and knowing the best practices can be incredibly confusing.

Without the best digital marketing training in Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Adcentre, it is unlikely that you will be able to take full advantage of the possibilities of a PPC campaign. Our expert team work to break down these processes for you, and ensure that your team can make the most out of your marketing budget.

Increase ROI, With Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO is a marketing strategy dedicated to converting visitors and followers into customers. If you're looking to increase your return-on-investment, particularly if your business' online presence is already attracting large numbers of people. Most forms of marketing are dedicated to driving users to arrive at your site, but CRO is essential when it comes to engaging with your users and visitors.

There are a range of different techniques and strategies which you can implement in order to drive engagement and ensure that your online presence is as user-friendly as possible, including:

  • Behavioural Analysis;
  • A/B Split-Testing;
  • Heat Mapping;
  • Webpage Layout;
  • Overall Website Design;
  • UX;

After taking these things into consideration and implementing practical decisions, you will be understand how best to appeal to your customers and how to improve your overall presence online for the best conversion rate.

Increase Your Visibility, With Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is an absolute essential marketing strategy for all kinds of online businesses. Without it, your website will be practically invisible and will never grow at the rate it needs to in order to make your eCommerce strategy a success. By making the most of the best digital marketing training, you will be able to boost your company in the rankings of search engine results pages (SERPs) and ensure that you are attracting more and more traffic all the time.

Why Is SEO So Popular With Online Businesses?

As it stands, search engines are responsible for directing 80% of all online traffic. Without being present on search engine's top pages, you business is drastically limiting its visibility. Search engine optimisation is absolutely essential for boosting any online presence, which is a requisite for allowing you to build business and profit.

Almost half of all clicks on Google and other search engines go on the first result, with that number quickly dwindling even on the first page. It's therefore important that all kinds of eCommerce sites, particularly in competitive industries, utilise effective SEO strategies to move ever closer to that top position.

What Are The Risks Of Search Engine Optimisation?

Neglecting to make the most of SEO services, or the best in SEO training, is a major concern for many businesses and can really cause companies to loserevenue in the long-term. If a company performs low-quality or black-hat SEO, as opposed to comprehensive White-Hat strategies, they can actually damage their SEO friendliness. This can then lead to a damaging reputation amongst search engines, which will then cause the website to become practically invisible.

If companies can target relevant keywords, implement the best backlinks from reliable sources and create well-written, high-quality content on their site, then they will be much more likely to enjoy online success.

Drive Engagement And Brand Awareness, With Social Media Management

Over the past few years, social media has become an integral component of any online presence. Social signals and social links are some of the most rewarding things for your website to enjoy. If any business operates the best social media strategies, then they have the opportunity of presenting their online presence to thousands, if not millions, of people.

However, these social media profiles need to be managed correctly and effectively, using the very best practices.

Why Is Social Media So Essential For Online Businesses?

Social media allows a business the opportunity to further its brand identity and awareness regarding its unique personality. It can be used to find and attract new customers that may not have known of the brand without such advertisement.

Social Media on sites like Facebook, Twitter and more are all great because they allow a business the opportunity to communicate with customers on a website format they're familiar with. These conversations can enable companies of all kinds to understand what customers want from their business in a way unlike any which went before it.

These platforms can help businesses to get ahead of their customer and create special offers and promotions which can then be used to grow the online presence and encourage the growth of the business.

The 4 Advantages Of Professional Digital Marketing Training From The Promote Team

1. Drive Engagement – Thanks to the very best digital marketing training, you will be able engage with your customers and potential customers on a much more personal level. You will also be more visible across the internet, allowing you to drive more customers to arrive and engage at any one of your various online presences.

2. Encourage Conversions – With more visibility, and understanding of your customers, you will be able to optimise your online presence and encourage more potential customers to convert to paying customers.

3. Increase ROI – With more people converting, you will be able to ensure that you are using your marketing budget to its best possible effect. By increasing your return on investment, not only will you earn more profit, but you will also have more to reinvest into your business.

4. Improve Brand Identity – As you continue to engage with your customers, you can ensure that your brand identity moves closer and closer to what they want. That way, you can further increase your customer base and ensure that you aren't left behind by the ever-shifting nature of the internet.

Enjoy More Clicks And Earn More Money, With Your Own Digital Marketing Training From Promote!

You will be able to enjoy professional and affordable digital marketing training for your entire team and ensure that you enjoy a comprehensive overview into all the disciplines and techniques for digital marketing and how they can work together to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Thanks to online advertising education, you will understand where you need to focus your attention and how you can reap the rewards of online advertising. Ultimately, by keeping ahead of the trend, and understanding how best to advertise your business online, you can improve your profits, encourage more clicks and market your brand to a wider audience.

When you choose Promote, you will be able to take courses in:

  • PPC Marketing & Google AdWords;
  • Search Engine Optimisation;
  • Email Marketing;
  • Social Media Account Management;
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation;

You can be sure to enjoy the very best service from Promote. All of our courses are limited to five delegates/pupils in the classroom at a time. This is to ensure that all of our students are able to engage with the material effectively and really come away from our course with all of their practical questions answered. Your team will enjoy a rewarding experience on our course, and have the opportunity to ask relevant questions to answer your business' specific needs.

Our engaging presentations and practical lessons will help all of our students and pupils to achieve useful education which you will be able to dynamically implement in your own business. We don't believe in vague education – we will give you the opportunity to ask real questions, and we will provide real, honest answers to help you grow your business' online presence.

You'll be able to enjoy the benefits of our team's experience and implement your own marketing strategies to ensure that you can get ahead of your competition. Even after your digital marketing training has completed, you can get in touch with our dedicated team of analysts, advertising specialists and SEO copywriters for the answers to any questions you might have. You will be able to create fantastic and truly useful content to engage your users and drive them all the way to the conversion action.

As part of the training course from Promote, you will also come away with useful literature, including digital presentations with accurate information on every slide, so you can reference your educational material whenever you need. You can even use the material to educate other employees in your business although, for the best results, we do recommend leaving the teaching to the experts.

We can help you to create a great foundation of digital marketing education and learning amongst your company, allowing you to build and create a fantastic company-wide culture to ensure high levels of engagement with your customers and visitors to obtain more clicks and drive sales.

With multiple offices across the country, including Wigan and London, our digital marketing training courses take place in our main Reading offices. Our team are ready and waiting to assist you in any way that they can. If you'd like to get in touch with our professional team, call us up on 0118 380 1002, available Monday – Friday; 9:00am and 5:30pm. Alternatively, you can email us at