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Local SEO tips on getting started

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Local SEO is a powerful tool used by many successful businesses, but what is it and how does it help them?
Here's a little helpful guide to get you started on your LOCAL SEO journey.

What Is Local SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a tool used in online marketing.
Through the use of keywords you can boost your rankings on search engines, making sure that potential customers see your business before your competition.

So Why Is Local SEO So Important

Here is a list of 5 great reasons on why you should use Local SEO:

1. Customers Come To You We've all done it; maybe you're planning a date, a day out with friends or a reunion. Chances are sometime recently in the past you you've opened a search engine and frantically typed “good places for lunch in (your city)" praying to some technological deity that the website will spill out a delicious treat for you to enjoy. This is Local SEO in action. The restaurant you enjoyed that tasty lunch in used local SEO to their advantage. The reason you ate at Spaghetti Sam's instead of Taylor's Tasty Tagliatelle was because Sam used Local SEO and Taylor didn't.

2. Things Get Shared If you create a piece of high quality content. It increases the chance people that will share your page. The more people who share your page, the more people who see your business, the more potential customers. Word of mouth is still a powerful marketing tool and creating professional, high quality, sharable content will provide a boost to your business.People still however; have to find your page first in order to share it, so good local SEO is essential to start the whole cycle.

3. Smart Phone, Smarter Businesses With more and more people using smart phones, the amount of people using search engines to aid them in their day to day lives increases. People search for everything these days. For many the smart phone is no longer a tool but an extension of themselves.Now some people don't even have to physically type in a search criteria. Various smart phones now come complete with A. I (artificial intelligence), so you can simply tell your phone what you want, then by using keywords from what you said and GPS from your phone's location settings your phone will give you a list of businesses you can visit.As technology continues to advance, more and more tech will become portable. Soon devices similar to Google glass will become popular. Virtual reality will leave the PC and augment our daily lives. As technology advances so must your marketing strategies.

4. Step Ahead Of Your Competition If you optimise your digital content, you'll appear above your competition in search rankings. That means more customers will visit your page which in return means more potential customers.

5. Focus Your Efforts By utilising local SEO you can tailor your marketing efforts to your local area. There's no point in generating interest in customers from London, if you're a cocktail bar in Newcastle. Sure they might visit as tourists if they're visiting, but if they were planning a visit, they'd likely search online for bars local to the Newcastle area.

So Now You Know Why, The Question Is How?

So you've decided that local SEO is a tool you want in your marketing arsenal.
Now you're wondering how you can get started on your quest for top search ranking.
Well we can help.

1. Research – Research – Research This should be the first point of call for anything you want to do. Education and information are the most important tools in life no matter what you want to do. If you don't know how to do it correctly, you won't be as successful as you want to be.

You've likely already taken this step; you've found this page looking for help and advice. So now you've taken the first step, let's move to step two.

2. Key Word Phrases Describe your business in a few words. What is your most popular product/service? Where are you based geographically? These are your keywords.

Let's use the above example; you're a cocktail bar in Newcastle. Some key phrases you may be using are:

  • Newcastle Cocktail Bars
  • Newcastle Margaritas
  • Newcastle Nights Out

Did you notice a theme? Newcastle. Local SEO is all about you locally; make sure that your key words reflect not only who you are and what you do, but where you are and where you are doing it.

3. Claim Your Business Make sure you have claimed your business on local directory and review services. By doing this people who leave reviews or feedback on these websites will not only be directed to your business, but also you'll be able to ensure that your contact details and services are up to date. If combine your local SEO with the search results from these services, you're going to have a lot of potential customers finding you in the search results.

4. Get Social Social media is a fantastic marketing tool. You can use it to boost the effectiveness of your local SEO.

After claiming your business on third party directory and review websites, you can add your social media links to it. This brings the traffic back to you. The key to effective Local SEO is coming from multiple directions.

If your competition is only using the third party directory and review websites, you can get the upper hand with uploading your own content and using social media. There are various forms of social media out there and by optimising the content on them; you can bring your posts onto the front page of search results, therefore boosting your online presence.

By using social media you can also interact with your customer base, boosting the appeal of your business.

Dave wants to throw a party with friends. He decides to order a large takeaway. Who is he going to order from? The takeaway that has no reviews or the takeaway with a stunning online presence and records of many happy dedicated customers?

Obviously the second sounds much more appealing.
Social Media is the new word of mouth.

5. Mobile Friendly Social media and third party directory and review websites will of course be mobile friendly, but is your website?

If you put hours of dedication into creating high quality content for your website but it doesn't open on a smart phone. You're missing out on a large group of potential customers.

Having a powerful computer on our person fuels the impulsive nature in all of us. You could be walking in the city centre shopping and have a craving for a coffee and some cake. A few taps away at the screen and you have been suggested a business to visit.

Interested In Learning More About Search Engine Optimisation?

If you're looking to learn more about SEO then you can read this guide or perhaps view our Top 10 tips.

We also have experts happy to help on 0118 380 1002.

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