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Verticals, Machine Learning and No-Click Searches: Latest Trends For SEO In Huddersfield

Posted in Search Engine Optimisation by Promote Agency

According to a new survey of 1,500 SEO professionals, undertaken by audience research group, Spark Toro,Google entering verticals and competing directly against publishers,advancements in machine learning/AI and zero-click searches are all trends that they believe are most likely to affect SEO in the next three years.

If you're looking to make use of SEO in Huddersfield to promote your business' services, it's important to understand how these trends will affect the standing of your website in a Google search going forward.Here, we're going to be taking a look this survey in more detail, summing up what it may mean for local SEO in the near future.

How The Latest Google Search Trends May Affect SEO In Huddersfield

In the survey, respondents were presented with a list of choices and asked 'how much of an impact do you believe the following trends will have on SEO in the next three years'. Their options were ranked on a 0-to-4 scale, with 0 meaning'no impact' and 4 meaning 'huge impact'.

The results saw that SEO professionals felt that Google entering verticals/competing against publishers would have the biggest impact – scoring an average of 3.36. Advancements in machine learning/artificial intelligence scored 3.24, whilst zero-click searches got 3.10. So, clearly, they believe that taking advantage of these trends will help the standing of a website in an organic keyword search – but what comprises these trends and how can they be used to achieve great SEO in Huddersfield?

Google Verticals

When we mention the word 'Google', for most internet users that refers to the main web search – 'Google' (or 'Googling') have become common nouns for performing internet searches, after all. But as any experienced internet user knows, Google has many other types of search engine that perform a specialised function – Google Maps, Image Search, News and YouTube amongst many others. These different search engines are referred to as vertical search engines.

Using SEO in Huddersfield in Google's various search platforms can attract a wide local audience. In addition to its regular search engine, Google's image search and local search are the go-to platforms for people seeking to find information. YouTube, which many people do not see as a 'search engine', is the second largest search platform on the internet (behind Google search)

A Google vertical that industry professionals believe is well worth keeping an eye on in the coming years is Google Travel. This is a trip-planning tool that integrates other Google platforms; Flights,Hotels and Maps to offer browsers an all-in-one travel and destination booking and information-checking experience.

Machine Learning

Machine learning can be used to identify the search signals of a user, personalise results based on their search history, better understand their search intent, and much more. As search algorithms continue to implement machine learning and the technology improves, it will leave marketers to place more focus on creating the best possible content for their audience,whilst the smaller details (the keywords, metadata, alt text, etc) can be left to the machine learning to work out. Creating more engaging content, designed to appeal to a local audience (rather than a generic one) will help a business to be seen as that 'go-to local service' by the audience.

Zero-Click Searches

Many Google searches will end without a click – the search engine results page (SERP) will answer the query (taken from a top-ranked website) without the user having to click on any of the search results. However, no-clicks does not necessarily mean that there will be no opportunities for marketers – as using SERP SEO to get their websites to answer search queries will potentially help to increase brand awareness.

Why Are These SEO Trends Important To Follow?

When seen in isolation, these survey results may not seem particularly remarkable, but when compared together, they create a complex picture of the short-term future of SEO.

The trend that experts predict will be the most prevalent is Google's entrance into verticals and competing against publishers. Their ongoing uniting of their search platforms suggests that they are looking to consolidate and expand their already market-leading grasp on the internet.

Machine learning will also likely advance to resolve search queries more quickly, which on one hand may mean more no-click searches, but on the other, can also mean that users will be able to find the content that they're looking for even faster – driving higher-quality traffic to the pages of a website. To take advantage of these advances in machine learning, marketers may have to focus on the experiences of their audience, rather than the smaller details that only search engines see.

This is where the experts here at Promote Agency can help. Aside from having our finger on the pulse of the latest changes in the SEO industry, we can create vibrant, engaging content that can balance the fine line between appealing to search engines and the people that use them to find all the information they need. Whether you're looking for SEO in Huddersfield to create a leading reputation in the local area or simply have products/services to sell, we can help to promote your website to new audiences.

So if you're interested in learning more about how your business can gain a foothold in the competitive eCommerce market, why not get in touch with our SEO experts today?

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