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Why The Art Of Blogging Needs To Be Part Of Your SEO Workshop

Posted in Search Engine Optimisation by Promote Agency

Thanks to skills learned from a SEO workshop, you will be aware of how the benefits of SEO training can help to promote your product pages in the busy marketplace offered by the World Wide Web. Are you aware of how to keep those pages up there, though? Do you know how you can even push those pages up a search engine's rankings, making them more visible to your intended audience, creating an 'industry expert' reputation for yourself? You can do this by simply blogging regularly.

In this article, we're going to look at how the practice of blogging offers a great tool to be included as part of your digital marketing strategy.

The Importance of Blogging; A Key Part of Any SEO Workshop.

Blogging is a well-used term in today's technological-reliant world. It's where we get our news from, where we learn and understand information – it's how some of us make our marks in the industries that we want to be involved in. Originally beginning as a quick and easy way for individuals and businesses alike to give updates on their daily lives (Twitter is famously a 'micro-blogging' service) it has grown from its original casual roots into something of a fine art. A well-written and well-honed piece of content can take advantage of the benefits provided by SEO and can capture the attentions of an eager audience.

Here, we're going to look at a number of points as to why an increasing amount of business operations are undertaking an SEO workshop, in order to place blogging at the very heart of their digital marketing strategies:

  • Blogging Helps To Drive Traffic To Websites. You can never have enough visitors to your website, so how can you increase the volume of traffic? There is little to add to existing pages that outline your products/services – blogging offers an easy way to create original and vibrant content that works to A) engage the reader and B) give you an opportunity to put your SEO training to good use.
    Each blog post that you create is one more page that can be indexed by a search engine – giving you a further opportunity to show up high in a search engine for a particular keyword that you're targeting. The added bonus is that by hyperlinking a product/service page that relates to your first keyword in the blog, the search engine is more likely to push that up the rankings too; giving your product/service great visibility.
  • A Further Opportunity To Convert Traffic Into Leads. As you'll have an increased amount of traffic visiting your website, thanks to skills learned from a SEO workshop, the blog provides you with a great opportunity to turn more of that number into genuine sales leads. Much like how each new blog provides a new page of your website that needs to be indexed, each new blog also gives you an opportunity to create an attractive call-to-action. This is generally a paragraph of text that is designed to make the reader act – so whether you want them to contact you, further check out the website or to download a free eBook etc – each blog you create gives you another chance at persuading the reader to interact with your service, hopefully generating an eventual sale.
  • Establish An Authority. When it comes to online sales, the trust factor plays massively into a browser choosing to go with a product or service. If they can see that the company is professional, organised, has a great reputation from past customers and knows what it's talking about – then it's a company they can trust. As such, blogging gives you a great opportunity to display all of those positive aspects. By displaying your industry knowledge in a well-written piece of content, a person is more likely to trust that company, helping to close an eventual sale. Not just that, but by using the skills you've learned in a SEO workshop to create a blog post that ranks highly – that authority and industry-leading reputation is further brought home in the mind of the reader when the post is on the first page of a keyword search in a search engine.
  • Driving Long-Term Results. One of the main reasons why a business chooses SEO (aside from the fantastic ability to get pages ranking highly) is because it is a cost-effective solution in providing a long-term marketing presence. Whilst PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is fantastic at bringing in a large volume of traffic over a short period of time – the ongoing cost of these ad campaigns may not be viable for some business operations. By undertaking SEO training, a business can create their own advertising content through blogs – at no extra cost. A page of a website is there for as long as you want it there – which means that you'll have pages ranking highly for as long as you need to. There may be times when you'll need to update them and of course, to create brand-new content to push your pages up the rankings (due to the changing nature of a search engine's algorithm, or any competitors getting wise to SEO). The bottom line is that as long as you stay on top of your SEO, your website will rank highly, driving traffic towards it – something that blogging will help greatly with.

Expert Digital Marketing Solutions, From Promote Agency.

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